Ditch the Disposables – a sustainability journey

Ditch the Disposables is CQUniversity’s first attempt to run a national sustainability program. The initiative is intended to combat at multiple fronts but at the core, it is designed to kick start a conversation about sustainability and create awareness about the adverse effects of plastic on the environment.


The Ditch the Disposables campaign is CQUniversity’s first attempt to run a national sustainability program. Rolled out across 18 CQUniversity locations throughout Australia, it has been designed to be a conversation starter and an easy to adopt call to action with a particular focus on engagement in regional areas. The short to mid-term program provides a systemic change approach to promoting sustainability under a single tagline and is intended to showcase CQUniversity’s commitment to embedding sustainable practices in our everyday operations, interactions, and relationships.

Alastair Dawson: Aiming for a sustainable future for our own campuses and communities is
increasingly being built into the DNA of CQUniversity Australia. Over the years our university has sought ways to enshrine sustainability principles into our everyday practice. In 2019, our university adopted the United Nations’ Strategic Development Goals into the framework of our strategic plan, further cementing our commitment to upholding sustainability as a core tenant of our business.

The Ditch the Disposables campaign also aligns strongly with the industry-leading research into the effect of microplastics and marine environments at our Coastal Marine Ecosystem Centre. Huge amounts of single-use plastics end up in our oceans and with many of our campuses situated along the coast of the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral ecosystem, eliminating single-use plastics is vital to minimizing our impact on the reef. Being a geographically dispersed university, cooperation, and leadership from all areas of the university was integral to the success of these initiatives.

Kelly Smith: Rockhampton Regional Waste and Recycling looks forward to continuing to collaborate with Central Queensland University to empower our community, to ditch the plastic and divert ninety per cent of our waste from landfill, so that we can live in a community without waste. Zero waste by 2050.

As Australia’s largest regional university, we see an opportunity to make a real and long-term impact on our community. We invite you to join us.