Diploma of Visual Arts Student Elisha Habermann

I've always been interested in building an arts practice and I have to have an understanding of not only the technical application of the media you use but also how to put on an arts exhibition, how to write an exegesis the theoretical components that underlie - that's all really important part of building an arts practice.

Diploma of Visual Arts Student Elisha Habermann


I'm Elisha Habermann and I've been studying a Diploma of Visual Art.
Why did you want to study visual arts?
In in my day-to-day jobs I use all aspects of design so lately I've been working a lot in social media and marketing and things like that and I find I incorporate graphic design into that so having an art background and knowledge of design has helped me successfully incorporate that into what I do. I've always been interested in building an arts practice and I have to have an understanding of not only the technical application of the media you use but also how to put on an arts exhibition, how to write an exegesis the theoretical components that underlie that that's all really important part of building an arts practice understanding not only the message you want to convey but how you want to convey it in the media to use knowing how to approach an art gallery knowing how to build a collection of artworks have a portfolio a website market yourself it's all like a big part of building an arts practice.

So I did year 12 way back in 1997. So it was really hard for me to know if I had the ability to go into a university degree I found that doing a so for a diploma first gave me the step I needed to progress into higher education.

Why did you choose CQUni?
I chose to study both the diploma and the bachelor at CQUniversity because for one reason the teachers are amazing. You have Pat Connor and Carmen Gray have Lisa Gaze doing jewelry making they're all really really really knowledgeable in their fields, they have this amazing technical skills as well they have amazing theoretical knowledge and I think you know they're definitely not promoted enough for the skill they have and it just allows you to build knowledge in a really nice safe space, in a space that's really practical the art studio is amazing to work in and in a way that scaffolds your learning and allows you to build that arts practice up. When choosing a university to study visual arts an important point is the practical component a lot of universities don't necessarily offer online options and moving to the city wasn't an option
for me.

What did you enjoy about your study?
I think the best part of studying the Diploma of Visual Arts at CQUniversity was the support of the staff and the community we made with the other students as well.
The best part of studying visual arts at CQUniversity has been the streams you can take. So there's a lot of different pathways you can go. They have drawing as a base and then you have painting, print making, jewelry making as well. You find jewelry making is leaving a lot of art studios and being able to study that in particular online or in a regional location has been absolutely fantastic.

Um the teaching staff at CQUniversity have been very accessible. You can email them quite often they'll call you if there's a problem they need to discuss things that's happening or you can access them anytime, you see them regularly in the studio and that's been really fantastic. Um they have a broad range of skills that you can tap into. They have such an amazing knowledge of like you know materials and techniques and it progresses through and you'll get visiting artists students who've gone through another degree come back sometimes to say hello and you can tap them for information as well. So it's been very accessible and very supportive.

What are the benefits of studying TAFE at Uni?
So the difference between studying a VET degree at CQUniversity rather than a traditional style TAFE or the differences I've found because I've studied both has been the online accessibility. The VET degree has a lot of their stuff available online now you don't necessarily have to be on campus and it just creates um a little bit of difference there it just makes that little bit easier to access um. There's also the direct pathway. So you don't have to go through like you can direct entry into a higher ed as well. So you don't have to go through that process of application. So I started at CQUniversity with my Diploma of Visual Arts before moving through to the Bachelor of Creative Arts and I would like to move into postgrad study.  It's been really beneficial going through that stream I've had consistency of lecturers the programs are scaffolded into each other. You can then have the opportunity to get support from those lecturers continuing support you build up a foundation within the region you're in and you get to know the local galleries, the other local artists and things like that.
I'm really looking forward to my choices my future choices, my future choices. Some of the choices I have either a Masters of Education where I can go forth and teach at a secondary school. I could do a grad certificate with arts administration or community arts. There's a lot of different options in the grad certificate or going through and do a Masters of Research where I can do arts-based research with which is a new growing field as well.

How have you found studying online?
I feel one of the best things about studying at CQUniversity has been not only being able to study in a regional location but the online delivery has been really flexible. I had a child while I was studying and normally that could be quite difficult I wasn't able to attend all of my classes but I could access the content online which was really really helpful and I wasn't I didn't have to take very little time off at all of study. You can find everything you need online you don't have to be on campus it's not scrambling to find the right building, so it's been really fantastic.

Why would you recommend CQUni?
I think there's a lot of options available at CQUniversity. There's a lot of flexibility with what you want to do that's fantastic for a regional university. If they don't offer it in your exact location you can quite often access it online so I've had subjects that I've had to do online and you know you get to do the zoom sessions and it's really accessible you can email your teachers they make themselves available if you need to ring them if you have any problems.