D2BD Student Journey Program

This video showcases the journey of five CQUniversity Indigenous students and alumni from their perspectives.

D2BD Student Journey Program


We are descendants of an ancient people, of an ancient land. We have been here for

thousands of years we have learned to live on and with the land and sea.

Our people always look after each other. We are learners and teachers and love our story.

Our people learning will never stop.

My name is Ciolla Riley I'm 24 years old. I'm a Djabugay and Kuku Yalandji woman from Kuranda. A small little village up in the rainforest of tropical North Queensland. I left school in 2015 and never really thought about going to university. I don't know it kind of seemed hard I didn't really believe I could change anything. I felt like time is precious and I couldn't really see the point. I try not to worry about what other people say or think. if I really want to do it I can do it and I know in my heart I have a lot more to give.

Are you Djabugay bub? I’m Djabugay too. My name's Kootchie. Call me Aunty Kootchie.

Academic people will say that I’m a mature age student but I’m a nana student for you.

I’m studying, so you can do it and don't forget our people been here for a long-time thousands of years and we are learners. For too long we've been told that we're no good we can't do it but we're good. I’ll tell you this, it's not going to be easy. I struggled at times, I got tired, and I felt the pressure. Just keep talking bub. To other students, to staff. we are all here with you.

I remember being just like you when I first started university.

My name is Neereta Davis and I’m a Thargomindah woman from Kullilee in New South Wales. I'm now a practicing solicitor, mentor and learning advisor at CQU.

I studied six years by distance whilst raising two kids, working and volunteering in the community. It was really hard work and I had to make many sacrifices to get through it all.

CQU helped me emotionally and spiritually to push through and reach the end friendship belief and commitment. Remember you're paving the way leaving your footprint and a CQU team are right behind you.

I was on that journey; I was a lost young man I didn't know where I was or who I am.

My name is Ray Rosendale and I’m a Western Kuku Yalandji man and a graduate of the social work honors degree at CQU.

Aboriginal men, we Are supposed to be warriors, so at first, I went and joined the military because I thought that's where warriors go, but at some point, I realised I want to be a warrior for my people. That means I needed to be learning and CQU gave me that opportunity.

I’m the first person from my family to go to university and this is just the start of my journey. My name is Majella. I’m a 43-year-old single mum and proud Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander woman studying a Bachelor of Paramedic Science at CQU.

I put a lot of expectations on myself to succeed to be a good mum and to keep the fire burning for our mob. You have a choice; you can follow the crowd, or you can walk the path less travelled. I can do this. we're living proof that dreams become reality.