CQUniversity Strategic Plan 2019-2023 Video

At CQUniversity our future is you.

Strategic Plan 2019-2023 - Our Future is you


At CQUniversity our future is you.

That's why our new strategic plan has been informed by the vision of stakeholders and partners from across the globe.

CQUniversity will focus efforts and resources across six core strategic pillars; our students, our research, our people, our communities, our reputation, and our sustainability.

Our students will be known for making a valuable contribution to the world around them and their success will be the ultimate benchmark of ours.

The impact of our research will support and drive positive change for our partnerships and communities.

The knowledge gained will be embedded into our practices. Our people are central to delivering our vision and represent CQUniversity through their integrity, values, and using their talents and passion for continual improvement.

CQUniversity's full potential will only be met when our communities and industries have reach theirs.

Our power of place empowers us to strive for this through proactive and meaningful engagement.

Through this meaningful engagement, sharing our unique vision and effecting transformational change in Australia and abroad, our reputation will have global standing and inspire pride.

Underpinned by the UN sustainable development goals, we'll create a progressive organization that is socially, culturally, environmentally, and financially sustainable.

The pillars, goals and measures of success that define our new strategic plan will establish CQUniversity as Australia's most accessible, supportive and engaged University. Recognized globally for our world-class innovative teaching and research excellence.

Let's work together to drive impact, innovation and transformation for a bright future, because the future of CQUniversity is you.