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CQUniversity Orientation Online


Kristie-Lee: Congratulations on your CQUniversity offer and accepting a place in your chosen course of study.

Daniel: When I first started up university for my first degree, it was a bit daunting. But then I met some new friends and yeah, it turned out really great.

Jamie: I remember feeling very nervous. Coming from a low socio-economic background and being a single dad of four children, I was seriously doubting whether university was for me. But I commenced my studies and you know what, I have not looked back since.

Mark: I was nervous about what to expect. Have I made the right decision? Will I be able to manage this commitment? Will anyone want to talk to me?

Rebecca: Studying at uni is an exciting and rewarding journey. Like any journey, preparation is key.

Mark: While completing the pre-orientation program does require you to spend a bit of additional time outside of your normal studies per se, it will set you up to be in the best possible position before your uni semester begins.

Michael: I recommend the program because it will give new students a heads-up as to how to navigate the Moodle site and make them aware of all the facilities available for support at CQUniversity.

Daniel: My three tips to success are: 1. Plan your time wisely; 2. Find a method that helps you study; and 3. If in doubt ask about.

Mollie: My top three study tips are: 1. Don't be afraid to ask for help; 2. Get to know Moodle; and 3. Start your assignments early. Your week-12 self will thank you for that one.