CQUniversity Advanced Technology and Innovation Centre (ATIC)

Introducing the CQUniversity Advanced Technology and Innovation Centre (ATIC) located at CQU Rockhampton North Campus.

CQUniversity Advanced Technology and Innovation Centre (ATIC)


The CQUniversity Advanced Technology and Innovation Centre (ATIC) is located at the CQUniversity Rockhampton North Campus.

It has been designed to support innovation, industry, education and job creation in regional Queensland, with a special focus on manufacturing innovations, engineering, communication technology and design.

ATIC is open to community, industry and school stakeholders, allowing everyone to engage with contemporary technologies, explore careers, and trial new business ventures.

ATIC forms part of CQUniversity’s masterplan to establish the Rockhampton North campus as a world-class innovation, education and training precinct, to support the development of regional Queensland and Northern Australia.

Narelle Pearse:
The Advanced Technology and Innovation Centre or (ATIC) provides CQUniversity with a chance to engage community and industry stakeholders through new technologies.

Essentially it is a hub where people of all ages whether they are school children or business managers can interact with new hi-tech innovations to improve their understanding of technologies.

Through the facilities and equipment people can engage, explore and trial new things that could help to change the way things are done in the classroom or within our industries and workplaces.

Des Pidgeon:
In many regional areas there aren’t many opportunities to engage with new technologies and to explore how technology can be used to improve business practices and benefit industries. ATIC helps to facilitate that in Central Queensland. Business owners and industry leaders can utilise this space to see what is available to them and how it can benefit them.

CQUniversity developed ATIC with the support of the Queensland Government with funding from the Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport.

ATIC is open to the public and available to all members of the community including school groups, community organisations and business and industry.

For more information on ATIC including how to book the space and how to interact with technology, please visit