Certificate III in Individual Support Student Shane Holsgrove

The course has given me the opportunity to learn a completely new career from nothing, without experience.

Certificate III in Individual Support Student Shane Holsgrove


My name is Shane Holsgrove and I'm studying a Certificate III in Individual Support with a disability stream.
What have you gotten from your course?
The the course has given me the opportunity to learn a completely new career from nothing without experience of it before and um it's from my experience it seems pretty tailored to to guide you through it and build it up without without experience so when I get to finishing the course I'll be ready to go out and work I can get a job in that industry.

What are the best parts of your course?
Well part of the course you do as well is there's practical work and work placement in aged care facilities that CQUniversity will organize and so that's given you hands-on experience as well in the doing the role as part of the course before you go off to work.  The placements. I think the placements will be early next year so getting to actually do the job and get hands-on and try and apply the stuff that we've been learning and. Yeah I'm looking forward to doing that.

What’s it like studying online?
Good, as a I'd say as an online student you don't spend a lot of time on the campus but the resources to give you have been good. There's a lot of stuff online that you use and the teachers have been great with helping and any questions or anything the staff at CQUni and they've been really good with that.

How do you find studying TAFE at uni?
The setup I think you know to straight away with CQUni a lot more professional, there's a lot more resources, a lot more information a lot more staff they're available to you to help and answer questions. Even um you notice that through the enrolment process I think three staff from CQUni I was in contact with for different things in the process. Yes it's something that's bigger a bit more professional you do notice it.

What are your teachers like?
Hey good I'd say because I am not on campus, I don't see the staff a lot but they have online weekly zoom sessions help with questions that you need and we've got phone numbers and emails as well for the staff and they've been readily available whenever I've needed help with anything. They're quick to get back to you on emails and quickly provide feedback on work that you're submitting as well.