Certificate III in Horticulture Student Tiffany Swadling

"I get a lot from the course that I can't learn on the job. They fill each other's gaps in."

Certificate III in Horticulture Student Tiffany Swadling


My name is Tiffany Swadling and I'm currently studying my Certificate III in Horticulture at CQUni.
How did your TAFE course help your career?
Oh look I just jumped around a little bit my history is career-wise took a big dive when I had children, so TAFE was a really good option for me to get back into the workforce and get something secure once I've re-entered horticulture is it's an expanding industry. It is um so to get a little bit more experience for my TAFE studies I actually started volunteering and doing that every day just I loved it you know it was basically what I was doing at TAFE just in on a bigger scale and I soon went from a volunteer to casual and then now I'm full time. So yeah it's it's real my studies itself is pretty much the reason I have my job.

What did you learn at TAFE rather than on the job?
I get a lot from the course that I can't learn on the job. They fill each other's gaps in. You know what I'm learning at work I don't necessarily get to learn at TAFE but what I'm learning at TAFE I can bring to work and I can improve the way things are done in our local council on a scale that I wouldn't have imagined prior to trying to undertake in this study.

A big part of the course itself is is learning new techniques on how to do things and how to constantly improve you know it is a scientific field even though it is
not a degree it's still a science field and TAFE has given me those tools to learn things that aren't necessarily being done in my field of work so I can bring a lot
of things in to help mitigate some problems that show up at work and it's it's nice to have that to bring that to the team it's things that I'm learning at TAFE that I can bring in and say hey guys let's maybe try doing it this way.

How do you find studying TAFE at Uni?
I do feel like studying it through CQUni as a TAFE course there are more um things available to me more tools more resources because I'm getting the same level of resources as what if I was doing a degree except I'm doing a TAFE certificate so, I think that's probably the biggest positive there for me.

What are your teachers like?
Um I felt very supported during my journey through CQUniversity um especially through Kate Pearson through my my horticulture teacher she's fantastic and through other students here, and we set up a little group chat together so that we can all sort of keep in the loop when someone misses something, so it's been a really great experience and that's encouraged. Kay encourages us to to sort of get together and share knowledge.

What’s your overall experience been like?
My experience has been really good. um I kind of went in it just sort of to get a job, but it's become a lot more than just getting a job. It's I'm finding a sense of myself and where I belong everywhere like in the world and what my purpose is as a human being so yeah it's been a whole experience mentally and physically and spiritually.