ACM20117 - Certificate II in Animal Studies

Courtney Liddy - Animal Studies Teacher shows her love for animals

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When students study a Certificate II in Animal Studies they learn about behaviour of animals, they learn how to capture, assess and help treat certain animals, they learn basic first-aid, and they learn about products and services that you can get in the animal care industry.

Certificate II in Animal Studies very soon will become a prerequisite to gain entry into the Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. People who work in boarding kennels, RSPCA shelters, pet shops, groomers, those sorts of places, would benefit because they learn basic animal care.

I'm a veterinary nurse by trade and the best part about my job is that being a veterinary nurse is a bit of a puzzle. You see the animals come in and sometimes you don't know what's wrong with them. You care for them, sometimes it's just for a day and sometimes it's weeks on end, so I really like to see the puzzle and watching it all unfold and seeing how we can make that animal feel well again.

In the veterinary sector, seeing a sick animal go home and watching them respond to their owners when they're well enough to go home, that's really rewarding. In places like RSPCA shelters, the most rewarding part about that sort of environment would be when they would match a dog or a cat with a new owner and they would be able to offer that animal a home.