Business and Accounting Webinar

Find out how studying Business and Accounting with CQUniversity can prepare you with skills that allow you to graduate job ready. This is a recording from the Business and Accounting Webinar that was featured at CQUni Virtual Open Day 2021.

Business and Accounting Webinar


Hello everyone, I'm Gerard Ilott. I'm the head of course for undergraduate accounting at CQUniversity, and welcome to the CQUniversity Accounting and Business Webinar.

First, I respectfully acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which we live, work and learn. I pay my respects to the First Nations people and the elders past, present and future.

So, welcome everybody.

First of all, some reasons why you should come and study accounting and business with CQUni.

Well, we have a strong focus on your future. When we look ahead at what's going to be in your future we see this thing called the 4th Industrial Revolution or otherwise known as Industry 4.0.

And this is where technologies such as the new 5G network kicks in, and devices and mainframe computers, personal computers, iPads all interconnect and there are going to be jobs and opportunities in the future that we don't know about yet.

So we can't train you for a specific role, a specific job, but what we can do is make sure that our degrees, our diplomas now have the knowledge and the skills that you will need to succeed no matter what the future holds. And I think we've done that, and we're continuing to do that, so our degrees and our diplomas, they're not fixed in concrete, they're constantly changing out to meet the demands of the future workforce.

So in our Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Accounting, for example, we're making changes to embed things such as data analysis, information analysis, working with big data – those kind of skills are being embedded in those degrees right now, and I've got some really good stories to tell you about that.

So let's have a look at some of our flagship degrees, so we'll start with the Bachelor of Business.

We'll move to the Bachelor of Accounting and then we will look at the double degree between Bachelor of Accounting and Bachelor of Business.

So the Bachelor of Business is really a degree to give you a broad scope set of skills. So you have maximum flexibility on where you're where you want to take your career.

It has a core of eight units that everybody has to study. Then you can select a specialist major of 8 units. Then you can move on to either a second major or you can do two minors.

If you study full time, it's three years. If you study part time, it's at least six years.

You can condense that slightly if you wish, because here at CQUniversity we have three full terms a year, so not every unit is available in that third term, but some are, and so that gives you opportunities if you want to do study over that third term of condensing your study down.

We have good online flexible learning options for you, so many of our students are in work, sometimes full time work as they study. And so our online learning platform allows you, if you're available, if you can, you can join our online classes. But we have recorded material if you can't. So no matter what your family or professional situation is at the moment, we have options that can suit you. If you move town anywhere in Australia, no problem at all, we've got it sorted and we can help you.

If you complete the Bachelor of Business, there are accreditations with the Australian Planning Association and the Australian Human Resources Institute for example, just to name a couple of the really big ones.

What kind of careers can you undertake with a Bachelor of Business? There's no limit, the choice is yours. As I said at the start, we're really trying to train you up not only for jobs that we know about, but jobs that we don't know about. And that's where the flexibility and the breadth of knowledge really does work to your advantage. As you study, you'll be keeping an eye on future trends, as will we be and we are giving you knowledge and skills that you can use to succeed no matter what you choose.

We have some really good majors and minors in this degree, so of course you have accounting, financial planning, marketing and property, but also startups and entrepreneurship.

And something that is really cool I think with this degree and it's really unique to this degree in business and law is that if you wish, you can, instead of doing a minor, you can study 4 units in the Master of Business Management, so that's four units in a real postgraduate Masters degree, so you've got them in the bank by the time you finish your undergraduate. So that's a real head start into further studies, and it's a really good option that you should think about.

Our degrees, including Bachelor of Business, have strong work integrated learning components. So you will be able to, for example, seek an internship or replacement with an employer, or you can even elect to do a study tour overseas. Or you can do a significant project, perhaps with an existing employer. So you could imagine how that will look on your resume when you've completed an in-depth advanced project where you've aligned your knowledge and skills from your study with a real work situation. I've got to tell you that's a real killer deal on your resume right there.

So what about Bachelor of Accounting? That's my profession and I've got to say a Bachelor, a choice of Bachelor of Accounting sets you up for a really strong career. Accounting is more than doing tax, it’s more than doing balance sheets - it can involve all of that, or some of that, but accounting is a strong, internationally recognised profession, and it's a good springboard to very interesting careers. Accountants pop up in professional life in places that you wouldn't imagine. So accountants pop up on very big IT projects, for example.

So I have a very good choice for you - so let's have a look at a Bachelor of Accounting.

Again, it has a call Bachelor of Accounting because it has strong accreditation ties with big accounting associations such as CPA Australia and Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, and has a core of 16 units instead of eight. You can then choose one major or two minors, so a little bit less flexibility than Bachelor of Business. The tradeoff there is, it's professionally recognised by more people.

Again, if you study full time, you can do it in three years, part time, six years, a little bit less if you take the third term option.

As I mentioned, if you complete the Bachelor of Accounting, your degree is recognised out of the box by CPA Australia, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. If you choose the property major, it's recognised by the Property Institute of Australia. If you choose the financial planning major, it's recognised by the Financial Planners Association.

So typical careers for our graduates include corporate accounting, so these are the people who do the consolidated balance sheets. They understand the accounting standards really well, and by the way, if you have that level of knowledge, that's when you really are an international professional – a professional – because the accounting standards are an international standard, so with that knowledge, you take your degree, perhaps become a CPA or a chartered accountant in New York, Paris, London, as some of our graduates have done. The ultimate of knowledge workers, of course, are the tax professionals. You can choose a career in executive management - perhaps be a Chief Financial Officer or projects - accountants are very big on projects, especially IT projects.

So we are building the IT and data analysis capacity of this degree as I'm speaking to you right now, and there will be big improvements rolled out next year ready for you to start with.

So the majors we have the financial planning, we have the property, and a really good, instead of just a straight management major, we have a major that specialises in management, accounting and entrepreneurship, planned for 2022, so if you start with us next year these will be coming online the following year about the time when you're starting to select your options. We'll be putting in a major for cyber security, a major for business intelligence, and a major for criminology for those of you interested in forensic accounting.

So you can see there where we're moving the degree towards – our vision for this degree is we are setting you up for careers in the new industry for workforce.

Again, we have work integrated learning options, so again placements, international study tour if you wish, or a major project.

And then we combine Bachelor of Accounting with Bachelor of Business, if you wish. Employers do like this degree. So remember I mentioned the quality in learning and teaching data from the federal government. That data also tells us that graduates who graduate with this degree – this double degree in accounting and business – have an even higher chance of full time employment when they graduate on a higher starting salary. So it takes you longer, costs you more, more rewards at the end. So like a good accountant or a good business person you can do the cost benefit analysis to work out if this is the degree for you.

So let's have a look at it.

So you have a core of 20 units instead of eight or 16. You can choose one major of eight units and a minor of four units, so it's a 32 unit degree - it's a double degree.

We have those same flexible online learning options, so study whether you're a full time student, a part time student, working full time, if you're moving around the country, if you're a fly in, fly out worker – doesn't matter. We've got the options that will suit you.

Again, the same accreditations there that exist for the Bachelor of Accounting and the Bachelor of Business. You don't lose out anything there, you just pick up more options.

Again, the same majors and minors. The key for this double degree is you have a broader skill set, a broader knowledge base, and the employers really do value this degree and you have the same opportunities for accreditation as you do with the single degrees.

So that's the wrap from me. If you come and study business or accounting or both with us, I can promise you get a good education, you get great study options and you have the promise of great outcomes at the end of your degree. Great flexibility in those sorts of skills and knowledge specialisations that you want to build up. So we allow you to look at the future just as we are looking at the future as well.

And if you have more questions, we have even more study options for you, so we have vet options, we have diplomas, we have other degrees such as sustainable tourism and hospitality. And of course, you can move on to study in postgraduate studies.

So we have a lot that we can offer you – call in and see us at the accounting desk or the business stall and come and have a chat to us about what we can offer you.

I look forward to seeing you and enjoy the Open Day.

Bye for now.