Benefits of Studying Music at CQUni

CQUniversity knows Music. Learn in a conservatoire-style environment that offers intensive individual training with professional musicians and gain valuable performance experience.

Benefits of Studying Music at CQUni


When I was in year 12 I came to the CQU Jazz Festival for all schools and I met one of my lecturers here, that was David Reaston and he gave me a scholarship in guitar.

So I was more critiqued than guitar but knowing that they knew I could sing was also like a bonus and that was something I already did better.

In my first year of the course we did a Stevie Wonder tribute and I got to perform a range of songs from Stevie Wonder and also the other band got to perform Ray Charles. So what I helped with was adding my own flavour to songs and also to involve the crowd a lot more so it wasn’t only just me performing to the crowd but also get the crowd to sing back and you know communicate so it was like a shout and response.

Within the course music students are provided with opportunity to learn different instruments but also to major in their own instruments and have individual lessons with lecturers to enhance their skills and improve different parts of where their weaknesses are. Private music tutorials are really helpful, they provide you with the best feedback and also exercises in bettering your skills. They give you different exercises in enhancing different parts that you’re weak at and to get better at. also to give you songs and repertoire that you can work on and also to widen your range of musical songs.