Bachelor of Social Work - Testimonial from Tracey Dangaard

CQU Student Tracey Dangaard talks about her experiences studying a Bachelor of Social Work online.

Bachelor of Social Work - Testimonial from Tracey Dangaard


My name is Tracey Dangaard and I’m studying a Bachelor of Social Work.

I chose this course because the future needs a change, it needs help. It's unbalanced, and people need to recognise that and if I can help in any sort of slight way to change the world for a better impact, even if it's just one person at a time, I'm happy to do that.

My first course was sociology, and I just thought, 'what's this all about?' And after this course, I left having a whole new perspective of how I should be treating people and how I should be speaking and what I should be doing in the society to make a more comfortable, welcoming situation. So it's not just learning on paper, it's learning in actual society on how to approach what you should be doing out there to make an impact.

After graduating, I would like to get a job with either the youth or in education because I know that there's always going to be trouble with the youth and to try and make the slightest impact in their lives because they've got a whole future ahead of themselves would be amazing.

Studying online is amazing because I get to do it on my time. I get to study when I'm in the mood and it balances well into my life, my social life, and my sporting life so I can sit there and go, ‘no, I've got to do this at the moment’, or I can watch half the video now and half of it later.

Academic Learning Centre is absolutely amazing source to rely on as a first year student. They helped me a lot with my reflective assignments and referencing. They’re life savers when it comes to my referencing, they will find things that I didn't even realise that I'd done.

I chose CQUni because of the recommendations from other people, other friends doing CQUni and through the whole availability of being able to come on campus and get that support if I need it.

CQUni lecturers are amazing with assisting with assignments. They're always there for you. They always say, ‘email me, email me’ or ‘ask me questions’. I find my lecturers always get back to me within one or two days. I really like the fact that I can rely on them.