Bachelor of Nursing

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Bachelor of Nursing


Nursing has become a really great career opportunity to consider. There’s so much you can do with a nursing qualification. There’s a high demand for qualified nurses. Registered nursing specifically in Australia which is a Bachelor of Nursing and then our second tier Diploma of Nurses, the enrolled nursing role is in high demand as well.

Our online delivery is something very special that CQU do particularly well in nursing. Online delivery gives you so many opportunities to grow as a student so managing your own time is really important, being able to be a planner, you might have a part-time work or even full-time work while you’re doing your degree. These are the things that make our nursing degree particularly accessible. All of your lectures and all your tutorials are recorded with online learning. It’s a really great way to learn at your own pace.

The residential schools though that we ask you to come to on campus are always connected to your clinical units. So a clinical unit is a unit where you’re going to be in the labs and the labs which we call our clinical learning space is set up similar to behind me today, that’s where we have a hospital, a simulated hospital environment. In the simulated environment we have lots of different ways that we teach what we’re doing. You may have heard of MaskED where the educators use a simulated person or a simulated puppet to extract information to be able to assess, plan, implement and evaluate the care of a patient. So it’s a very particular tool and our lectures quite a few of them are trained in this technique. So at some stage of your degree you will come across that technique either live in the labs or through your assessment in your classroom in your Moodle classroom where you’ll have videos of it.

We have lots of strong partnerships with our industry partners so not just with acute hospitals but with GP surgeries, with community, with mental health even correctional centre nursing. We definitely can give opportunities in those areas.

We have clinical placements for starters, a student must do 800 hours minimum of clinical placement. Our students will go to settings like the hospital, mental health community, they could go to an A&E, an ICU, a paediatric area that interests you.  There’s so many opportunities so our industry partners are of high importance to us in that area. What that offers then is your opportunity to show yourself while you’re on clinical placement to the people that are going to employ you later. The more practical experience you can get while you’re out on placement with people who are doing the job every day, the better nurse you’ll be at the end.

Bachelor of Nursing is accredited throughout Australia with an external body and it has to meet certain attributes for our students to be considered ready to go on to AHPRA which is where we are registered once you finish your degree. So those areas that we’re looking at are mental health age care, general nursing, so acute care in a hospital and community and the reasons for that is that Australia has an aging population and we nurse a lot of people in the community now, it’s not just hospital based.

Beauty of nursing and especially an Australian Nursing degree is the international recognition that Australia has. We have a reciprocal arrangement with New Zealand, so Australian nurses and New Zealand nurses do move across the borders. Also because of our degree so a lot of western countries seek nursing graduates and just recently in the last few years we’ve had the UK come over and pitch to our graduates. A group started over in the UK and have got positions, so they  had to do 12 months time in Australia and then they were already had positions in the UK. So that’s amazing you know that our degree can do that. Nursing to me is a fantastic foundational degree and as I say you can make many careers out of one Nursing degree, you’ll never get bored.