Bachelor of Education (Secondary)

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Bachelor of Education (Secondary)


Currently there is demand for all teaching areas, in particular people who are able to adapt to a particular situation and a particular context and if you are willing to stay regional or remote, that’s an absolute bonus for you as well.

People who come into the Bachelor of Education (Secondary) are either people who have come directly from high school and this would be your first entry point to university, straight into a four year Bachelor degree and then exit as a registered teacher to be able to teach in high schools throughout Australia. Alternatively if you are a mature age entrant, then you too can come through the Bachelor of Education (Secondary) to become a secondary school teacher.

We offer a range of different teaching areas from English through to Maths through to biology, chemistry, health and physical education, home economics, industrial technology and design. Psychology.

Within our course, its actually quite unique that you don’t have a major and a minor teaching area, you actually have two teaching areas that you can teach from year 7 through to year 12. That’s a deliberate design of our course to enable you to be more employable upon graduation.

So within each of the four years of the Bachelor of Education, students have experience within schools. We fell that it is so important to enable students to put theory into practice by going into the classroom right from year one.

So here at CQUniversity we pride ourselves on having industry current  lecturers and tutors. A lot of our staff have recently just left the classroom so they come to the classes that you will be taking with that knowledge of what it’s actually like in the classroom. A lot of our curriculum and pedagogy units that our students do are taught by actual practicing teachers so they come into us after school hours and deliver the classes with our students, so therefore they’re bringing to us the most relevant practices that are happening in schools today.

We have lots of success stories for our graduates from CQUniversity. A lot have obviously gone on to become teachers but keeping in mind though that a teaching qualification doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to become a classroom teacher. You can use that in a training context for example or you could use it in business where you could become a trainer for a particular organisation. So while our course are designed primarily to become a classroom school teacher you can actually use those skills gained within an Education course more broadly.

Our Education courses here at this university are very contemporary. We teach our students the current practices that are happening within schools so a lot of technology is embedded within the units that we do. Additionally because of recent events that have happened we have had to modify the way that we teach our students to enable them the skills to be able to teach remote learning for example. So our students have those skills to be able to adapt to any situation whatsoever which is one of the benefits of the courses here at CQUniversity, that we do teach those adaptability skills.

It’s actually quite humbling to know that we here at CQUniversity have made such a contribution to the teaching profession just by sheer number of our graduates who are employed locally and they have a particular  way of being a teacher of the way that we have, we’ve designed our courses here where they’re adaptable to the situation at all times they’re able to change the way they think about teaching and use that creativity in a different way, to contribute to the school community and make that real difference.