Bachelor of Education (Primary)

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Bachelor of Education (Primary)


You see straight away the impact that you have on children in a day-to-day setting, you know they learn something new each day for example, but I think if you look across the year that you might have them or even across the time that they’re at the school or where you’re working, you can see the impact that you have longitudinally on children so it’s not only just there in that little current time that you have that but it does contribute to their complete trajectory of their life.

In choosing to do a Bachelor of Education Primary the focus for the program is prep to year six, so you’re working with children in that age range that makes it distinctive from say the early childhood program or the secondary program. It also manifests obviously in where you do your placements, so your placements are going to be in school settings within the age range.

In terms of our courses, at Central Queensland University the other distinctive feature is that students can participate in the catholic cohort as part of the Bachelor of Education Primary programs and that's a very distinctive feature of our program.

Importantly students get to experience working with children in the second semester of their degree which is a really wonderful thing to do. when you are doing a placement you will be working with a teacher in a school who supports you to learn more in a practical scent in the classroom setting. You will have a set of materials that guide the kinds of tasks that you need to undertake while you’re on that placement so it might say that today you're going to be observing what the teacher does and record that observation. You’ll be recording observations of children and what children are doing and how they’re learning and you will also be particularly in the first year you will be having a go at doing some teaching with small groups of children and by the end of your degree you’ll be very confidently working with the whole class room and being able to manage the complexity of working with a whole group of children in the classroom.

The Diploma of Early Childhood and Care is embedded in the first year of the Bachelor of Education Primary degree. With this diploma the students can then work in early childhood settings and there’s obviously lots of opportunities there for part-time work, so this might be in long-day care services or it might be in before or after school care services so I know that lots of students who’ve got this qualification go and work in before and after school care so that fits in really nicely with their university schedule.

There’s obviously a range of opportunities for teachers on graduation. So teachers graduating can obviously go and work in schools and at the moment in some areas of Queensland and in Australia there’s a shortage of teachers so there’s lots of opportunities to work as a teacher. But while you may choose to graduate and work as a teacher there are also other opportunities that are afforded to students with an education degree. If we can help children to love learning and to be successful learners, I mean it almost sets them up for life so we have a really important job as primary school teachers.