Bachelor of Digital Media

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Bachelor of Digital Media


Digital media, it's a very exciting field you know we’re becoming more and more digital every year and there’s a lot of content that needs to be created, whether it’s a website or short film, a documentary, animated infographics, this stuff is everywhere.

So what I enjoy most about teaching in Digital Media at CQUniversity is the student work. Teaching in the  animation minor, I see all kinds of great motion graphics work, character animation work, 3D modelling, it’s just really exciting to see students really rise to the challenge. You know we set some pretty difficult task sometimes and they deliver and the work is always very very impressive.

In the Bachelor of Digital Media, students in their first year will learn foundational skills in all aspects of digital media from animation, to video production, web design and then in the second year they’ll be specializing. They’ll choose minors in animation, video production, interactive media and graphic design. Then in third year they get to work on big real world projects, so as teams and they also work on individual projects.

So in second year students  get to choose two minors for example they could choose the animation minor and the graphic deigns minor and that combination would be very good for motion designs because the illustration skills, the design skills or the graphic design skills and the animation skills come together really well for careers in motion design which is very a very popular industry and has a lot of applications in advertising for example.

In the Bachelor of Digital Media we teach students how to use industry standards software because these are the programs that are being used in the industry. Things like Adobe Creative Suite, that’s used in so many different fields in digital media and with animation we teach them how to use Autodesk Maya. Maya is a software package that is used in all the big animation studios and visual effects studios. The tools there if you can understand how to use the software then it really sets you up for a career in the industry.

The assessment is designed to reflect real world practice, so students will go through the kinds of stages you go through in animation production that you would see in the real world.

So we have state of the art production facilities at our digital media campuses and we’re in the digital media studio right here where have lighting grids, we have control room with a TriCaster system for vision mixing, high-ed computers in our digital media labs, so we’ve got all the gear that students need to produce all the projects that they’ll be creating over the course of their studies.

The Digital Media Staff are very accessible, where we’re here to make sure that students do the best they can. We’re interested in them succeeding and we want to give them all the help and support that they need. Digital Media staff being so well connected to industry, not only do we develop courses and units and assessments that’s authentic and reflects the real world, we have connections with industry so students who are looking for work and they have a particular talent in a particular field, we can get them talking to the right people out in the industry, to get work.

There are lots of career opportunities for students. So students studying the animation minor, there are plenty of opportunities throughout Australia and around the world for animator, visual effects artists, it is a booming industry, it’s still continuing to grow and there are new studios opening up.

Students that go through our degree will have the skills and the knowledge to head towards careers in those industries.

So if you’re got any interest in creative endeavors, if you have any interest in technology, this is the perfect fit. It’s the blend of art and technology and it’s really exciting field.