Bachelor of Arts

Benefit from a variety of majors and become a specialist in an area you are passionate about with CQUniversity's Bachelor of Arts.

Bachelor of Arts


The Bachelor of Arts really does provide an amazing grounding in the issues that are happening in society and for those people who want to make a difference, who want to change the things and the way we live, The Bachelor of Arts is the perfect vehicle to do that. It provides this grounding and variety of majors and the combination of majors you can do anything, that’s the power of it.

The Bachelor of Arts has been designed specifically to allow students to scaffold through from year one to year three with an option for further study in post graduate level, that means you learn these skills, these general problem solving skills, critical thinking skills, information literacy skills that are all built into the discipline content that you will study through your majors.

The Bachelor of Arts provides a lot of choice for students because you have a choice of two majors plus a minor and that means you can choose any two majors in any combination that you like and a minor study that complements that. So if you’re strategic about the way that you choose your majors and your minors studies you can build quite a useful practical degree.

So journalism, public relations with a minor in digital storytelling - it's an amazing combination that makes you immediately employable in the media industry. You might choose history and geography major and perhaps you want to choose a minor studies in Indigenous studies and that sort of combination could lead you into any number of areas where that type of information can provide the level of upskilling that you need to get better employment, or employment in the first place.

Students have the opportunity to build a professional profile throughout the life of their course, their student journey. What we have is an online portfolio. The idea is that in your first unit, your first core unit you set up your online portfolio and then subsequent assessment items get put into that portfolio so by the time you graduate, at the end of your third year you have this extensive online portfolio of all of the different skills that you’ve accumulated, the different types of tasks that you’ve done to show how you interact real world, all of our assessment is authentic in real world, so stuff you will actually use and then when you graduate that is what you can show your employer so you’ve built your resume throughout the three years of your degree and that online portfolio is one of the strengths that you can have as a graduate to be able to provide an employer.

We have lots of opportunities for students to engage with industry and in the real world for most of our disciplines the work placement is embedded in the major and there is also another option in the core unit to do another work placement or an overseas exchange or something like that, that engages you within the industry that you’re training to be a part of and that’s a fantastic opportunity for students so by the time you graduate you could have up to three opportunities to do work placement in your discipline, that’s pretty awesome.

So the career opportunities in the Bachelor of Arts are as wide and as varied as the majors in the Bachelor of Arts itself. You might want to become a school teacher, you might want to become a journalist or geographer or a historian, you might want to curate museums, you might want to be a visual artist. There is so much employment opportunities from the Bachelor of Arts, its so broad and so wide, it provides you the vehicle and then the skills to do whatever you want and that’s part of the beauty of the Bachelor of Arts.