Acknowledgement of Country – Jenuarrie

Koinjmal Elder and CQUniversity Cultural Consultant, Jenuarrie, speaks an acknowledgment designed to lead digital presentations, such as research projects or academic abstracts.

Acknowledgement of Country - Jenuarrie


As we come together today, we acknowledge the rich history of this country and offer recognition and respect for the custodians who have lived here continuously for many centuries. We acknowledge the elders of the past who created the history, those who are with us in the present and the elders and the leaders who will guide us in the future. For all carry the memories, traditions, and cultures that are vital to preserving connections to this land. We acknowledge that today indigenous and non-indigenous people are together in this place, to share knowledge and to learn. Central Queensland University respects and acknowledges the strong and significant place that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people hold in our nation. Thank you for joining us today on country.