A Day in the Life of an International Student

A Day in the Life of an International Student



Hi, I'm Anja and this is a day in the life of an international student at CQUniversity.

I just came to Australia to study because I saw such an amazing opportunity. Not only could I get a world-class education, but I could also
experience the rich culture this country has to offer.

I start my day by walking through the streets of this beautiful city and picking up a coffee on my way to campus. My lectures are usually around two hours and the teachers here at CQUniversity are fantastic. They are really supportive when help is needed and each of the classes is really engaging.

Between lectures, I like to do a bit of shopping. So many great places to explore it can be an easy way of losing track of time.

I like to go for lunch at one of the great cafes in the city.

I usually head to the computer rooms and campus for these afternoon sessions. The facilities they have are really impressive, fresh and modern to ensure students can excel with all the latest technology. Then it's off to the library to get some books to take home with me to continue my studies.

CQUniversity is somewhere that you cannot only learn more about the chosen subjects but also about yourself. It's really easy to get on with people and make new friends because like me everyone comes from a different part of the world. In our spare time, we usually take the time to sit and chat. Trying to teach each other our different languages it's always heaps of fun. There's just so much to do here.

CQUniversity gives you the chance to be what you want to be and it's an experience I will never forget.