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CQUniversity Nursing research has been ranked at 'well above world standard' in the latest Excellence for Research in Australia exercise. This is a significant achievement for a regional university and with ongoing recruitment and promotion of research active staff, the School aspires to become one of the best research schools in Australia. The School of Nursing and Midwifery research activities involve researchers from a range of disciplines creating a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approach. The research areas have a strong focus on applied research with direct benefit to regional and rural Australia but of national and international significance.

CQUniversity Nursing research aligns under three primary research strengths:

  • Nursing workforce, education and health-service delivery
  • Mental health
  • Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence

Research and research higher degree student supervision is focused on the following areas:

Nursing Workforce, Education and Health Service Delivery

This focus draws on the current health agenda and priorities that will inform health care policy, health care practices, quality, and safety. Believing in the nexus of teaching and learning, research and practice; these researchers value working with others from education, industry partners, governments and the non-government organisations. The key focus areas include:

  • Health workforce development,
  • Quality and safety of health and aged care and Simulation and innovative education.
Key researchers include:
Current RHD students include:

Recent RHD graduates include:
Miss Lily Pei-San Tsai – Master of Health Science 2016The lived experience of mothering in a new culture for African womenDr Jennieffer Barr (Principal), Associate Professor Anthony Welch (Associate)
Dr Sandra Sharp – Doctor of Philosophy 2016The Impact of Workplace Culture on the Provision of Person Centred Care in an Acute Surgical Ward: A Critical EthnographyProfessor Margaret McAllister (Principal),
Dr Marc Broadbent (Associate)
Dr Gopi Anne McLeod – Doctor of Philosophy 2016The Use of Critical Reflection to Foster Reflective Practice in Student OsteopathsDr Jennieffer Barr (Principal), Associate Professor Anthony Welch (Associate)
Dr Ann Framp – Doctor of Philosophy 2017A Narrative Inquiry into the Experiences of One Family’s Predisposition to Hereditary Diffuse Gastric CancerProfessor Margaret McAllister (Principal), Professor Trudy Dwyer (Associate)
Dr Lisa Wirihana – Doctor of Philosophy 2017The Lived Experience of Nurse Academics at Satellite Campuses of Australian Universities: A Phenomenological StudyAssociate Professor Anthony Welch (Principal), Professor Moira Williamson, Associate Professor Martin Christensen (Associates)
Dr Helen Donovan – Doctor of Philosophy 2017The Experience of the Double-degree Nurse Midwife in their Transition to Clinical PracticeAssociate Professor Anthony Welch (Principal), Professor Moira Williamson (Associate)
Dr Barbara O’Neill – Doctor of Philosophy 2017Aged care nursing staff management of the deteriorating resident and hospital avoidance: A Theory of Planned Behaviour StudyAssociate Professor Trudy Dwyer (Principal), Professor Kerry Reid-Searl, Professor Lynne Parkinson (Associates)
Dr Irene Rogers – Doctor of Philosophy 2017Breaking Bread with the Dead: the Australian “Bluebird” Nurses of World War One seen through the Lens of MicrohistoryProfessor Margaret McAllister (Principal),
Dr Wendy Madsen, Professor Donna Brien (Associates)
Dr Julie Shaw – Doctor of Philosophy 2017Constructing a Grounded Theory of Young Adult Health LiteracyAssociate Professor Anthony Welch (Principal), Professor Moira Williamson (Associate)
Dr Lorraine Thompson – Doctor of Philosophy 2017Coaching for Clinical Nurse Leaders: A Mixed Methods StudyAssociate Professor Anthony Welch (Principal), Dr Jennieffer Barr (Associate)
Mental Health Nursing

The mental health nursing team continues to be sought after for research higher degree supervision and community engagement. Strong research links have lead to important research output.

CQUniversity Australia is proud to have the first known full-time position in the world of an academic providing lived experience perspective of mental health challenge and recovery. This had led to a course called Recovery Approach in Mental Health. This course has been designed to introduce students to recovery approach to mental health care. Students will develop a comprehensive knowledge base of the principles and components of recovery, the significance of collaborative relationships with consumers of mental health services in order to promote individual recovery and the role of the nurse working within a recovery framework. Research continues to grow in this nationally significant area.

The two key focus areas in mental health are:

  • Mental health nursing, and
  • Lived experienced led mental health.
Key researchers include:
Current RHD students include:

Recent RHD graduates include:
Dr Julie Hanson - Doctor of Philosophy 2015Exploring the curriculum as a source of learning that prepares nursing students to cope with workplace adversityProfessor Margaret McAllister (Principal), Associate Professor Anthony Welch (Associate)
Ms Kerri Jackson – Master of Health Science 2016Words of wisdom from those who lived to tell the tale: A descriptive phenomenological study of re-engaging with life after attempted suicideAssociate Professor Anthony Welch (Principal), Dr Shane Hopkinson (Associate)
Dr Julie Bradshaw – Doctor of Philosophy 2016Façade of Success: Woogaroo Lunatic Asylum 1865-1869Dr Jennie Barr (Principal),
Dr Wendy Madsen (Associate)
Dr June Alexander – Doctor of Philosophy 2017Using Writing as a Therapy for Eating Disorders: The Diary Healer and the process of using personal diary excerpts to write a book to assist people with eating disordersProfessor Margaret McAllister (Principal), Professor Donna Brien (Associates)
Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence

The Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Research is committed to undertaking applied research that supports the development of policy and practice in the field of domestic and family violence prevention with a particular, though not exclusive, focus on issues for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and rural and regional communities.

Key researchers in Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence include:
Current RHD students include:
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