International and Engagement

At CQUni we aspire to be the most engaged university in Australia and our School aims to empower staff, community, business and industry to interact and build partnerships that will provide beneficial outcomes and support the development of communities.
Our School is committed to equipping our students with real-world skills, up-to-date industry knowledge and networking opportunities; as well as opportunities to experience a different lifestyle, culture and environment whilst studying.
Find out more about the School of Engineering and Technology’s Engagement, Mobility and International Internships below.

We are a leader in industry and community engagement through our activities in education, research and service, and we strive to ensure our students receive up-to-date, industry-focused, real-world skills by collaborating with industry and businesses.

By interacting with the community, businesses and industry, we are able to build and shape partnerships that will provide beneficial outcomes and support the development of progressive communities. In each of our regional footprints, we are active in maintaining relationships and coordinate activities with the local industry, communities and schools.

Our key engagement activities include:

  • facilitating student access to national and international work placement opportunities as part of Work Integrated Learning requirements
  • enabling industry-focused education through guest lectures delivered on-campus or via interactive multimedia conferencing
  • developing relevant curricula through industry participation in course committees and course development
  • planning and delivering co-supervised student projects that solve real-world, industry focussed issues
  • liaising with schools to provide course information to secondary students and assistance to teaching staff
  • providing hands-on, interactive project sessions for students seeking to pursue a STEM career
  • ensuring our staff maintain relevant industry knowledge and skills through staff exchange programmes.

We take pride in being a school that is open, responsible, approachable and easy to engage with and encourage you to contact us to start building relationships with our school today.

At CQUni we encourage our students to experience different cultures and as an undergraduate engineering student, you have the opportunity to travel to a developing or marginalised community in the Asia-Pacific region, as part of a two-week international mobility tour.

By participating in the Engineers without Borders Humanitarian Design Summit, you will have the opportunity to briefly live with your adopted community to identify wants, needs, strengths and opportunities for social innovation. You will hold collaborative discussions and through applying principles of human-centred design, sustainable development and rapid prototyping, you will empower communities to build capacities and strengthen their capabilities.

Experiencing new cultures and applying engineering skills and knowledge in challenging international contexts, is an enriching adventure which equally advances your confidence, experience and employability.

Visit the CQUGlobal Outbound page to find out more about these opportunities and the scholarships or loans that are available to financially support you, whilst participating in a mobility tour or longer-term exchange program.

Our School’s International Team helps to facilitate internships for our students and works closely with CQUniversity’s International Directorate to assess and provide advice on partnership agreements, whilst also assisting with international partner and agent visits.

We are committed to providing our students with up-to-date industry knowledge to ensure our graduates are work-ready. Internships play an important role in developing required skills, knowledge, whilst enhancing your employability, networking opportunities and employment prospects.

Our School offers all international students the opportunity to work in an industry-relevant organisation and experience on-the-job training, when enrolled in any of the following courses:

  • CQ01 Bachelor of Accounting
  • CC57 Master of Professional Accounting
  • CA01 Bachelor of Business
  • CL21 Master of Business Management
  • CC72 Master of Human Resource Management
  • CC74 Master of Management for Engineers
  • CV84 Master of Project Management
  • CV82 Master of Engineering
  • CQ18 Bachelor of Information Technology
  • CC54 Master of Information Technology
  • CC53 Master of Information Systems

For our engineering students, exposure to professional engineering practice is a key element for the development of a student’s perceptions of engineering practice reality.

Engineers Australia strongly advocates that engineering courses include a minimum of 12 weeks of work experience in addition to other course requirements to achieve Engineers Australia’s stage one competencies. Our Master of Engineering (CV82) includes an embedded internship program to ensure our graduates are equipped and ready to enter the workforce. In fact, CQUniversity is ranked number one in Australia for median starting salaries ($140 000) for postgraduate engineering via The Good Universities Guide.

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