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CQUniversity Education research aligns under two primaryresearch strengths:

  • Creative Arts
  • Learning, Equity, Access and Participation.

Within these two strength areas researchers across theschool engage in innovative learning and teaching, applied research, andspecialist studies in Education.

Research and research higher degree student supervision is focussedon the following areas:

Creative and Professional Writing

Research in creative and professional writing spans:

  • Creative nonfiction, food writing, memoir and biographical writing, art and self-help writing
  • Critical science fiction, historical fiction, poetry and screenplays, gothic fiction, the short story
  • Institutional talk, communication methodology media practice & content, regional media & radio studies
  • Journalism & professional writing studies

Active researchers in creative and professional writing include:

Critical Social Enquiry

Research in critical social enquiry spans:

  • Transnational, maritime & environmental history
  • Australian South Sea Islander & Torres Strait Islander social contexts
  • Environmental politics & climate change adaptation
  • Regionalism in China & Australia
  • Urbanisation & ethnicity in China
  • Policing & penology

Active researchers in critical social enquiryinclude:

Digital Media and Visual Arts

Researchin digital media spans:

  • Digital media, including web design, human-computer interaction, social media, 3D animation, mobile applications, film/media studies

Active researchers in digital media include:

Education, Training and Employability Pathways

Research in education, training & employabilitypathways spans:

  • Initial teacher education
  • Professional learning for educators
  • Comparative & cross-cultural education
  • Early childhood education
  • Primary & secondary school education
  • Further education & work transitions

Active researchers in education,training & employability pathways include:

Performing Arts

Research in performing arts spans:

  • Collaborative music performance, jazz performance, improvisation, composition & arranging
  • Music & maritime leisure travel music
  • Musicaltheatre, children's theatre, theatre in education & performing artspedagogy

Active researchers in performing arts include:

Resilience and Special Education

Research in resilience and special education spans:

  • Reading and Literacy
  • Inclusive education

Active researchers in resilience and specialeducation include:

Scholarship of Learning and Teaching

Research in scholarship of learning and teachingspans:

  • Education assessment & evaluation
  • Education technologies for teaching & learning
  • Curriculum development
  • Education administration, management & leadership

Active researchers in scholarship of learning andteaching include: