Who is the Placement Officer?

Placement Officers are the staff members responsible for liaising between the university and professional experience settings to:

  • secure and organise placements for eligible pre-service teachers in all of CQUniversity’s initial teacher education courses, and
  • provide ongoing administrative support for all participants in professional experience placements.

To Do List for Placement Officers

Placement Officers perform a complex and important role in establishing partnerships with schools/educational settings and providing accurate information to all participants involved in the placement process, including site coordinators, supervising teachers, university academic staff and pre-service teachers. Placement officers take responsibility for:

  • contacting students who are potentially eligible for a professional experience to confirm requirements for placements
  • distributing and coordinating information and resources for obtaining/updating “Working with Children Checks” for all pre-service teachers prior to placement at a school/learning site
  • sourcing placements for pre-service teachers that provide professional experiences in contexts that are as diverse as practicable
  • communicating with site coordinators and pre-service teachers to respond to queries about the structure and requirements of particular placements
  • distributing electronic copies of Information and Guidelines booklets and reporting materials to supervising teachers and site coordinators in a timely manner
  • maintaining up-to-date records of all placement details including stakeholder contact information, preservice teacher reports and evidence of support and moderation processes conducted by university academic staff
  • organising and processing claims for the prompt payment of site coordinators and supervising teachers involved in professional experience.

The below summarises the typical communication processes that occur between site coordinators in schools and placement officers to organise pre-service teacher placements. The table is reproduced on the “Information for Schools/Learning Sites – Site Coordinators and Supervising Teachers” webpage for the information of CQUniversity’s site-based partners.

  1. Communication details:
    Email contact with attachments that include a brief overview of the requested placement and its timing and duration on a calendar of placement dates for the school year
    Approximate timing of communication:
    At the time of the initial request for a pre-service teacher placement.
    (Requests may be sent up to one school term prior to the expected commencement of the scheduled placement
  2. Communication details:
    Email or phone contact to clarify requirements or provide further information about placement requests
    Approximate timing of communication:
    On request for further information from site coordinators prior to the offer of a placement
  3. Communication details:
    Email from the Professional Experience Office to confirm the offer of a pre-service teacher placement at the site
    Approximate timing of communication:
    Following an offer from the site coordinator to support a pre-service teacher placement
  4. Communication details:
    Email to confirm:
    name (and teaching areas where applicable) of pre-service teachers placed at the site
    name and contact details of the academic staff member (University Coordinator) who will be the main point of contact between site coordinators, supervising teachers and the university throughout the placement
    Approximate timing of communication:
    Approximately two weeks prior to the commencement of the placement (or earlier if possible)
  5. Communication details:
    Email to site coordinators with the following attachments for distribution to supervising teachers:
    Information and Guidelines Booklets for the specific placement
    Electronic reporting forms
    Forms for claiming payment for site coordinators and supervising teachers 
    Approximate timing of communication:
    Approximately two weeks prior to the commencement of the placement (or earlier if possible)
  6. Communication details
    Reminder email to supervising teachers for the return of registration and pay claim forms
    Approximate timing of communication:
    On receipt of contact details for the supervising teacher from the site coordinator or pre-service teacher and prior to the commencement of the block component of the placement

All communication between placement officers and site coordinators or between placement officers and pre-service teachers related to the organisation of professional experience placements occurs through the mailbox for the Professional Experience Office.

For schools/learning sites and preservice teachers within the area served by Mackay, Rockhampton, Bundaberg or Noosa campus staff, the display on email communication will be CQU (Internal) Professional Experience Office. The email address for contacting placement officers in these areas is

For school/ learning sites and preservice teachers in all other areas of Queensland or interstate (with the exception of Geraldton and Cooma), the display name for emails received from placement officers is CQU Professional Experience Office. The email address for contacting placement officers is