Templates and Forms

Forms frequently used throughout professional experience placements are provided here for easy access. Please refer to the topic materials for specific information about how to use these forms.

For Supervising Teachers and Site Coordinators

Supervising teachers and site coordinators will not need to complete the forms for payment listed below if you have supervised a pre-service teacher and submitted the completed forms within a 12 month period prior to a new placement.

CQUniversity is always interested in continuous improvement so feedback from our school partners is important to us. We would appreciate you completing the Evaluation form on conclusion of the professional experience placement and returning it to the Professional Experience Officer at: (For locations near regional campuses) (For schools and sites in other areas of Queensland or interstate)

For Preservice Teachers

The resources here are organised according to 3 topics: placement, Working with Children Checks and planning templates.

Pre-service teachers should select placement forms from either the internal or distance versions depending on the location of their school or site in relation to a regional campus.

The forms for the Working with Children Checks cover applications for a Blue Card in Queensland only. You should refer to information about Working with Children Checks on the home page before using these forms. It is important that the completed forms are sent to the Professional Experience Placement Officer for your campus (including the campus called distance) because this will ensure that the card is linked to the University for professional experience. It will also ensure that Placement Officers are notified when your card is issued so they know you are eligible to start a placement.

Some basic planning templates are provided for pre-service teachers on this page. You should check your unit Moodle site for additional templates to support planning, observation and reflection tasks during professional experience.