The Role of the Site Coordinator

The Site Coordinator is the main contact person for university staff at a school or approved learning site.

Initially, this staff member responds to requests for placements for pre-service teachers made by placement officers from the Professional Experience Office. Key aspects of this role include arranging and confirming the placement of pre-service teachers with appropriate supervising teachers, supporting the induction of pre-service teachers to the site, and maintaining communication with university and school-based staff to support a positive experience for all participants.

To do List for Site Coordinators

The Site Coordinator maintains oversight for high quality professional experience by taking responsibility for the communication and management processes outlined in the list below:

  • respond to requests made by university placement officers with advice about offers of placements at the school or learning site
  • arrange the placement of pre-service teachers with appropriate supervising teachers at the site
  • conduct an orientation or induction to the site in relation to Workplace Health and Safety policy, school or site procedures and expectations for professional conduct during the placement
  • distribute electronic copies of materials for each placement to supervising teachers (Materials include Information and Guidelines booklets, electronic reporting forms and pay claim materials)
  • support the supervising teacher in assessment of a pre-service teacher experiencing difficulty in meeting any expectations of the placement
  • notify the University Coordinator allocated to the school or site immediately if a pre-service teacher’s progress or professional conduct is of concern
  • participate in an ‘At Risk’ meeting with the University Coordinator, the Supervising Teacher and the pre-service teacher if a pre-service teacher is failing to meet the expectations of the placement
  • sign the final summative report for each pre-service teacher placed at the site.
The role of the Site Coordinator Transcript

In this video clip, staff from CQUniversity discuss the practices enacted by site coordinators that lead to high quality professional experience placements for pre-service teachers.