Payment Information

Supervising teachers and site coordinators perform an invaluable role in the development and preparation of graduate teachers for the profession.

We acknowledge that it is difficult to compensate our school partners for their time and expertise and understand that this commitment from many of our school partners comes from a genuine desire to support aspiring teachers in the process of learning the complex work of teachers.

Supervising teachers and site coordinators receive remuneration for their work in the supervision and assessment of pre-service teachers. Remuneration is paid for supervised assessable days only. There is no payment for placement days that are identified as “contextual days” on the placement calendar. This is because a contextual day requires no formal assessment or feedback for the pre-service teacher who is engaged in observation and familiarisation tasks during this period.

All forms for claiming payment for a placement will be emailed to the Site Coordinator at the time of confirmation of pre-service teachers at the site. Site coordinators should forward these forms to the relevant staff for completion and return to the Professional Experience Office for registration and processing. The prompt return of all required forms for claiming payment is important to ensure that payment for this important work is not delayed.

Payment Information Guide

ESSO Online - Payment Summary

ESSO Information Sheet

This payment information guide provides detail about the payment received and the forms that must be returned so that pay claims can be processed. Copies of the relevant forms can be located by accessing Templates and Forms.