Internships in the Bachelor of Education Courses

A five-week internship is embedded in all of the Bachelor of Education courses at CQUniversity. Under the terms of the internship agreement between the university, the Queensland College of Teachers, Queensland Teachers Union, and all of the university’s educational partners, pre-service teachers are granted an Internship Authorisation for this capstone unit in their course of study.

The internship serves as an induction into the profession. The relationship between supervising teachers and interns changes to a mentoring relationship that enables graduates to become autonomous, reflective practitioners who are confident and ready to enter the profession as beginning teachers.

Pre-service teachers are granted an Internship Authorisation only after they have successfully completed all university coursework and have successfully demonstrated the APST at Graduate Level during Professional Practice 4. The Authorisation permits pre-service teachers to adopt up to but not exceeding 50% of their mentor’s face-to-face teaching workload. This provision results in additional non-contact hours for mentors who can pursue their own professional development during this time.

Remuneration is not paid to mentor teachers during the internship because of the embedded non-contact component. For this reason, the reporting demands for the placement differ from a traditional supervised assessable placement.

In interstate locations, the internship will be treated as a supervised placement for all pre-service teachers who are completing Professional Practice 5 (The Internship) as the agreement only covers signatories in the Queensland context. For this reason, the internship is a paid placement in all other Australian states and territories.

Information about the Internship

This PowerPoint presentation summarises key features of the internship arrangement and provides guidance on the quality of the self-reflective statement that Interns complete as part of the reporting requirements. A complete copy of the Mentor Teacher Information and Guidelines booklet that includes a copy of the Internship Agreement between all stakeholders can be accessed through Information and Guidelines booklets.