Evidence of Pre-service Teachers’ Practice: The Working Portfolio

The working portfolio is the name given to pre-service teachers’ records of the tasks they complete throughout a professional experience placement. The working portfolio may be in hard copy form in a folder or it may be constructed in electronic format. It is a working document that includes all preparation, planning, observations, assessment strategies, student work samples, classroom observations, teaching evaluations, reflections and resources constructed and completed by the pre-service teacher during professional experience.

It is an expectation that pre-service teachers maintain up-to-date records of their practice and can produce their working portfolio for the Supervising Teacher, Site Coordinator or University Coordinator at any time throughout the placement. Pre-service teachers are also expected to provide supervising teachers with copies of their planning and preparation for any teaching activities prior to implementation.

An incomplete working portfolio (planning, evaluations, reflections or observations incomplete or not up-to-date) indicates a lack of professional commitment on the part of the pre-service teacher and may be used to initiate the “at risk” process.

Working Portfolio Transcript

In this video, a third year pre-service teacher explains how she has organised her working portfolio. Her organisation makes it easy for her to locate planning and resources for teaching and produce evidence of any of the required tasks.

Examples of Evidence

The attachments provided here show some examples of pre-service teachers’ lesson planning and reflections that are sources of evidence for a placement. The examples cover a range of developmental levels from first year to final year pre-service teachers. These resources may be used by supervising teachers for the purposes of giving feedback on the detail expected for effective planning and for making consistent judgements on artefacts in the pre-service teacher’s working portfolio.

Sample 1: First year lesson plan

Sample 2: Lesson evaluation

Sample 3: Third year lesson plan

Sample 4: Final Year – English lesson plan

Sample 5: Session planning EC setting