Assessment of Final Year Pre-service Teachers: Demonstrating the APST at Graduate Level

A final year pre-service teacher may be enrolled in either an undergraduate or a post-graduate course at CQUniversity. Regardless of the course of enrolment, the common characteristic that defines all final year pre-service teachers is that their achievement will be assessed against demonstration of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (Graduate Level) during a professional experience placement.

For all CQUniversity pre-service teachers, assessment for a final professional experience placement is completed using Queensland’s common report: the Final Professional Experience Recommendations. A copy of the report can be accessed through the link below.

Final Professional Experience Recommendations

This reporting document was created as a central component of Queensland’s Professional Experience Reporting Framework and is used by all Queensland providers of initial teacher education courses and all systems in the Queensland education landscape to assess the knowledge, understanding and skills of graduating teachers.

Collaboration in Queensland – Development of the Professional Experience Reporting Framework

This link takes you to a series of videos produced by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL). The series covers case studies of effective practice in professional experience for pre-service teachers. The last video in the list is called “Collaboration across sectors – case study (QLD)”. This case study describes the collaboration that underpinned the Partnership Agreement and the development of the common final professional experience report in Queensland. The video presents the rationale for the framework as supporting supervising teachers in making consistent judgements about pre-service teachers’ progress at different points throughout their course of study. These judgements culminate in the final professional experience where the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers are assessed at Graduate Level through the common reporting document. The additional guide referred to in the video is the Queensland College of Teachers Evidence Guide for Supervising Teachers and a link to it can be found in the previous topic.

More About Queensland’s Common Final Professional Experience Report

The Final Professional Experience Recommendations report groups the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (Graduate Level) in ways that can be observed and assessed through the evidence produced by a pre-service teacher during the final professional experience placement.

The five main areas for assessment of pre-service teacher’s classroom practice include:

  • planning effectively
  • teaching effectively
  • managing effectively
  • assessing and recording student learning
  • professional conduct

The report also identifies some sources of evidence for making assessment judgements in each of these five key areas. These sources are listed at the beginning of each section of the report to guide the supervising teacher’s feedback and final evaluation of the pre-service teacher’s readiness to teach.

The Final Professional Experience Recommendations report is the summative report used to assess CQUniversity’s pre-service teachers in the placements and courses listed below. Supervising teachers will be supported to moderate each pre-service teacher’s achievement of the Standards and descriptors on this report by a University Coordinator during these placements.

CQUniversity Placements Assessed by the Final Professional Experience Recommendations

Bachelor of Education (Secondary)Professional Practice 4 (Sec)
Bachelor of Education (Primary)Professional Practice 4 (Pri / EC)
Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)Professional Practice 4 (Pri / EC)
Master of Teaching (Primary)Professional Praxis 4
Master of Teaching (Secondary)Professional Praxis 4
Graduate Diploma of Learning and Teaching (Secondary)*Embedded Professional Learning Stage 2

* Final graduates concluding part-time study in 2018

Other Requirements for Final Year Pre-service Teachers

From 2018, all final year pre-service teachers at CQUniversity will complete a Graduate Teacher Performance Assessment (the GTPA).

The GTPA is a task that meets the national requirement for all pre-service teachers to undertake an authentic culminating summative assessment to demonstrate their readiness to teach. Essential to demonstrating “readiness to teach” is the ability to engage in the full cycle of teaching practice including planning, teaching, assessment and reflection to defend a teaching approach that has an impact on student learning. More information about the GTPA for supervising teachers and schools is outlined on the Fact Sheet attached here.

Fact sheet: Schools and Supervising Teachers

Graduate Teacher Performance Assessment Transcript

The way that the GTPA aligns with the final assessable professional experience placement is introduced in this video. Pre-service teachers make connections between the academic knowledge they have acquired during university coursework and the authentic context of planning for and teaching their placement class. The opportunity for a pre-service teacher to engage in the full cycle of teaching practice, including the interpretation of assessment data, during the placement is an important consideration that underpins the completion of this task and the design of the final assessable professional experience placement.