The Working Portfolio

Your working portfolio is a very important document for showing evidence of your practice during a professional experience placement.

The working portfolio is a working document. This means that you will be building or adding to the portfolio every day during your placement to display the tasks and activities that you are completing. It is usually in the form of a folder that includes all of your lesson preparation and planning, your observations, assessment strategies, student work samples, daily reflections and evaluations of your teaching.

Your working portfolio must be organised so that you can easily locate lesson plans and reflections to show your supervising teacher each day or to produce any samples requested by the University Coordinator or Site Coordinator. Note that an incomplete working portfolio (where planning, reflections, observations and lesson evaluations are not up-to-date) can be grounds for placing a pre-service teacher “at risk” of failing the placement.

You will find suggested guidelines for organising your working portfolio in the Information and Guidelines booklet for each placement and your lecturer/tutor will provide further guidance in tutorials or on the Zoom sessions for the unit conducted throughout the term.

Working Portfolio Transcript

View this short video where a third year pre-service teacher explains how she has organised her working portfolio to make it easy to locate her lesson plans, teaching resources and different pieces of evidence quickly and easily.