The Internship – The “Capstone” Professional Experience Placement

A five-week internship is embedded in all of the Bachelor of Education courses at CQUniversity.

Your internship is the central component of the unit EDFE14020 or EDFE13034 (for Students in the Catholic Education strand of the Bachelor of Education (Primary / Early Childhood). These units are scheduled for your final term of enrolment in your course so you are only eligible to complete an internship when you have completed all of your university coursework and have successfully demonstrated the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (Graduate Level) during your Professional Practice 4 placement.

When you undertake an internship, you will receive an Internship Authorisation from the Queensland College of Teachers. This authorisation recognises that you have completed the required coursework and that you are almost ready to enter the teaching profession. The Authorisation allows you to take responsibility for up to 50% of your mentor teacher’s face to face teaching workload.

There are special rules and reporting requirements related to an internship. These rules are summarised on the PowerPoint presentation attached below.

What is an Internship and what is expected of me in this placement?

One important requirement of the internship is for you to write a self-reflective statement of approximately 1000 words. The statement must summarise the impact that your practice has had on the students in your class and the school community. It also includes a statement of the values and beliefs that will guide you in your teaching career. The PowerPoint illustrates some examples of effective self-reflective statements to guide you when you reach this stage of your course.