Connections between your university coursework and professional experience

Your learning and assessment in Professional Practice or Professional Praxis units prepare you for success during a professional experience placement.

This preparation happens in three main ways:

  • Weekly topics on the unit Moodle site teaches you how to complete the tasks and activities outlined in the Information and Guidelines booklet for a given placement
  • The first assessment task for your unit connects the theory you are learning in coursework to your experiences on placement and provide an authentic opportunity for feedback on your planning and reflection processes
  • The final assessment task promotes your ability to select appropriate evidence from your planning and teaching experience and annotate these samples of evidence in relation to the knowledge, skills and capabilities outlined in the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

To Do List – Preparing for success in your placement

To apply what you are learning at university to your professional experience placement, you should:

  • Attend the weekly on-campus or online tutorial for your unit and complete all suggested activities on the Moodle site
  • Listen to the recordings of the zoom sessions if you are unable to attend a scheduled tutorial
  • View the information / advice outlined on the “For your assessment” link on Moodle to ensure you understand the expectations and are prepared for a placement day
  • Respond to the feedback on your first assessment task to improve your planning, evaluation and teaching skills in the classroom context
  • Maintain quality records of all planning, observation, evaluation and reflection tasks during your placement in preparation for the ePortfolio task for the unit in which you are enrolled.

Creating an ePortfolio

In usual circumstances, you will have been introduced to the ePortfolio and its purpose in an earlier unit in your course. In the Bachelor of Education courses, this unit is EDED11454 Education as a Profession. Throughout your course, and particularly, immediately after a professional experience placement, you will complete a university-based assessment task that requires you to select and annotate evidence of the focus areas of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers in an electronic portfolio.

This ePortfolio is different to the working portfolio that you create and maintain during your professional experience because it requires you to reflect on the tasks and activities you have completed during your coursework or your placement and make explicit links to the 37 focus areas of the Standards to show your knowledge, skills and capabilities for a career in teaching.

Your ePortfolio will be created using the iTunes U platform and will be submitted to your unit lecturer or tutor for marking and feedback. You will find instructions for creating and adding evidence or artefacts to your ePortfolio on the Moodle site for your unit.