About professional experience in your course

All students enrolled in an initial teacher education course at CQUniversity are required to complete supervised assessable professional experience placements in schools, early learning settings or other approved learning sites. These placements are a mandatory requirement for graduation from your course and for registration as a teacher.

Professional experience placements are embedded in units (subjects) throughout your course. In the Bachelor of Education courses, these units are all called Professional Practice e.g. (Professional Practice 1; Professional Practice 2, etc). In the Master of Teaching courses, the units are called Professional Praxis (e.g. Professional Praxis 1, etc).

You can easily recognise a unit in your course that includes a professional experience placement because it will always have a unit code that begins with the letters EDFE.

Your course is designed so that you can apply what you are learning at university in a real classroom setting. Each unit that includes a placement has an important theme related to the knowledge you are learning in your university units and the skills you need to develop to be an effective teacher.

You can see where these units are positioned throughout your course on the course maps that are attached here. Look for the map for your course (e.g. Bachelor of Education Primary). Units that contain a professional experience placement are shown in the segments that are coloured blue on the course map.

Course maps and professional experience placements

There are some important processes related to professional experience placements that you need to know to ensure that they can be organised efficiently and so that you can gain the most benefit from these invaluable learning opportunities as you work towards your goal of becoming a teacher. The topics on this page explain these processes so you should read all of the sections carefully.

It is important for you to know that your placement will be organised for you by a staff member from the Professional Experience Office. You cannot organise your own placement. The processes for securing and organising placements take a great deal of time and start at least one university term before you actually enrol in and commence the unit that includes a placement.

You will be contacted by a Placement Officer from the Professional Experience Office on your official university email address. It is important to check your email regularly and respond promptly to these emails.

Look for the display name or email address shown in the table below to know when someone from the Professional Experience Office has sent you an email.

Your location for placement Email Display Name Email Address
If your address shows you live close to one of these campus locations (Mackay, Rockhampton, Gladstone, Bundaberg, Noosa)

CQUniversity (Internal) Professional Experience Office

If your address shows you live near / attend Geraldton University Centre, WA Tamara Haynes


If your address shows you live near / attend CUC Snowy Monaro (NSW) Zoe Dawson zoe.dawson@coomauc.com.au
If your address shows you live in any other location (Queensland or Interstate) CQUniversity Professional Experience Office edupo@cqu.edu.au