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Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music (CQCM) accepts online auditions year round. The Conservatorium operates in Terms 1 and 2 of the university calendar only.

Domestic students

Applying for entry into one of Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music (CQCM) courses is a four step process.

  • Complete and submit a program application to the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC). QTAC is the key body that offers student places into Queensland universities.
  • Complete and submit the online application form to the Conservatorium. Ensure you complete all boxes marked with a red asterisk (*) so we can process your application.
  • Attend a live audition, or submit a DVD or  secured YouTube audition.
  • When you attend your audition you will need to bring a copy of your current artistic resume. For those applying for music, music theatre and drama specialisations you will also need to supply a doctor's certificate.

A Doctor's Medical Certificate is required for the Music Theatre and Drama specialisations of the Bachelor of Theatre degree and needs to state whether you:

  • are fit and healthy
  • have no pre-existing conditions that may prevent you from doing any required medium to high aerobic dance and stage activities
  • have no pre-existing conditions that may affect your ability to sing or use your voice.
International students

International students wanting to apply to CQCM must:

  1. check the English entry and academic requirements
  2. complete and submit an online application form to the Conservatorium. All other information can be provided once you pass the pre-screening.
  3. submit a DVD or a secured YouTube audition, written application and key documents by post to CQCM.
Conservatorium Application

CQUniversity's Conservatorium of Music takes pride in its friendly atmosphere and helpful understanding staff. Our aim is to make the admission process as simple and straight forward as possible.

Most of the information we require in order to register you for an audition can be entered into the online application form. Pay careful attention to the boxes marked with a red asterisk (*), as your application cannot be processed without providing this important information. If you require assistance to complete the online application form please contact the Music and Theatre Administrator by email at or phone +61 7 0940 7801


In addition to completing an application to the Conservatorium, all applicants must also apply to the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC). QTAC governs the place offerings to programs at universities in Queensland.


After you complete your online application, if successful you will be contacted about presenting an audition or attending an interview.

If you are invited you will also need to bring the following documents and extra copies for the panel:

  • headshot photo
  • curriculum vitae
  • relevant certificates, licenses or diplomas (e.g. AMEB Grade certificates, RAD Dance certificates)
  • any evidence of community work or volunteer activities.

Ensure you place this information with copies in a folder for the audition panel to keep.

Please view our audition guidelines to assist with your preparation.


If you are unable to attend the advertise audition date in a city you can:

  • audition by DVD or
  • upload your audition to a secure YouTube channel.

To submit your audition by DVD or via a secured YouTube channel you must ensure:

  • Your audition is filmed in an appropriate rehearsal or performance space so you get the best quality image and sound.
  • You are fully visible in the camera frame and your hand (instrumentalists) and torso (singers) are clearly visible.
  • You begin the audition by giving your name, age and state why you want to study at CQUniversity in Australia.
  • If you upload your audition to a secure YouTube channel you must email the link and passwords to audition administrator. All audition materials must meet the same requirements as in-person auditions.
Audition schedule

Auditions for 2017 for the Diploma of Music, Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Theatre are being held on the following dates.

Location Date

Brisbane, QLD
For venue details please email or phone +61 7 0940 7801

Tuesday, 14 and Wednesday 15 November 2017
Mackay, QLD
CQUniversity Mackay Ooralea
Conservatorium of Music 

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Sydney, NSW
For venue details please email or phone +61 7 0940 7801

Saturday, 11 November 2017

If you are interested in CQUniversity's Bachelor of Creative Arts, for more details visit

We will accept late auditions, via DVD or online, until February each year and these should be made directly to Music and Theatre Administrator or call + 61 7 4940 7801.

Applicants are notified of their audition results within three weeks of their audition.

frequently asked questions

Is there a cost for doing the audition? 
There are no costs associated with applying for or completing an audition at CQUniversity.

How long before the audition should I arrive? 
You should arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled audition time.

Will the panel hear all my work?
The panel may interrupt your performance. This is not an indication of an unsatisfactory assessment, but due to the management of the audition process.

What are the accompaniment requirements?
You are required to use your own accompanist and/or backing tracks.

What equipment should I bring to the audition?
You should bring the following (some of these may or may not be required depending upon what you present):

  • instrument
  • sheet music
  • accompanist or backing track
  • CD player or iPod dock (if required)
  • amplifier (if required)
  • written information and documents for the interview

What do I need to wear to the audition?
You should wear smart casual clothes.

When will I know the outcome of my audition and how do you correspond with me?
If you apply and audition within the set audition period you will receive an audition results with three weeks of your audition. Late applicants will receive results 1 to 2 weeks after their audition or submission of DVD/Tape.

Can I use a prop in my audition?

You should only use a prop if it's essential to the performance requirements of the monologue.

What if I can't make the audition date?

If you are unable to attend your scheduled audition you can:

  • audition by DVD or
  • upload your audition to a secure YouTube channel.