CQCM Staff

Professor Judith Brown, Director Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music
Professor Judith Brown

While studying at the CQCM you will benefit from master-classes, performances and clinics given by some of the world's most distinguished artists, directors, scholars and performers. Visiting artists have included:

  • James Morrison AM (jazz trumpet)
  • Dan Barnett (jazz vocalist/trombone)
  • Vince Jones (jazz vocalist/trumpet)
  • Don Rader (USA) (jazz trumpet)
  • Rick Holland (USA) (jazz trumpet)
  • Michael Davison (USA) (trumpet)
  • Jeff Jarvis (USA) (jazz trumpet)
  • Michael Tracy (USA) (jazz saxophone)
  • Graham Jesse (jazz saxophone)
  • Viv Middleton (jazz piano)
  • Jim Kelly (jazz guitar)
  • James Muller (jazz guitar)
  • Brett Hurst (jazz bass)
  • Peter Walters (jazz bass)
  • Gustavo Cereijo (Latin percussion)
  • Paul Hudson (jazz drums)
  • John Morrison (jazz drums)
  • Nancye Hayes OAM (theatre director)
  • Peter Cousens (theatre director)
  • Chloë Dallimore (theatre director and choreographer)
  • Glen Hogstrom (theatre director)
  • Jason Robert Brown (USA) (music theatre composer)
  • John Wregg (theatre director)
  • Bruce Brown (USA/NZ) (music theatre composer)
  • Dale Pengelly (theatre director and choreographer)
  • Michael Turkic (theatre director)
  • Kim Hardwick (theatre director)
  • Thern Reynolds (theatre director and choreographer)
  • Jason Langley (theatre director)
  • Luke Rogers (theatre director)