The key themes and topics for the conference are developed around the three pillars of a sustainable tourism, hospitality and events industries in a digital age and are listed below. Papers in other areas related to the theme of the conference are also welcomed.

Stream 1 – Sustainability of Tourism, Hospitality and Events in an Age of Digital Disruption

Stream 1 is allocated as a dedicated stream to specifically address the conference theme. Papers are invited that consider and engage with the need for tourism, hospitality and events theory and practice to shape new directions and innovative approaches. Strategic thinking is required for adapting, implementing, building, and challenging processes and practices in order to deliver sustainable industries within this age of critically disruptive, digital expansion. Papers and discussions in this stream will include, but are not limited to:

  • developing better understandings of the ways in which digital innovations can disrupt and transform tourism, hospitality and events industries;
  • developing strategic methods and theories to exploit digital opportunities to convert disruption from a potential threat into an opportunity; and
  • considering new ways of developing, managing, executing, and promoting events and organisations in tourism and hospitality to ensure we are future focused and strategically agile.

Evaluating the sustainability of Tourism and Hospitality in an age of digital disruption looks at three factors

Stream 2 – Wellness, wellbeing and quality of life

Stream 3 – Tourism and the creative industries

Stream 4 – Tourism and food

Stream 5 – Remote area tourism

Stream 6 – Indigenous and cultural tourism

Stream 7 – ICT, disruptive technologies and future emerging technologies

Stream 8 – Risk, crisis and recovery

Stream 9 – Events

Stream 10 – Enhancing tourism sustainability

Stream 11 – Work and employment in the digital age in tourism, hospitality and events

Stream 12 – Critical approaches in tourism, hospitality and events

Stream 13 – Advancing learning and teaching in tourism, hospitality and events in a digital age