Learning and Teaching

CQUniversity is committed to learning, seeing its role as enabling students to be what they want to be. The engagement that we have with our communities, industries and businesses enables us to work in partnership to provide multiple learning experiences and opportunities to enrich the learning journey of our students. These learning opportunities assist in the development of discipline-specific skills and generic transferable skills relevant to life-long learning.

With over 100 different degrees to choose from, CQUniversity offers some of the best mixes of theoretical and practical learning across any of the Australian universities - whether you choose to study by online study or on-campus. CQUniversity runs programs in a wide range of disciplines and information on the programs and courses available at CQUniversity is available in the Student Handbook.

Learning and Teaching Framework Statement

Overall, we visualise the student learning journey as a transformational learning curve, supported by the staff and activities of the University. The Learning and Teaching Framework which supports the learning and teaching activities at the University is available in the Policy website.

Learning and Teaching Services

Learning and Teaching Services (LTS) supports quality learning and teaching across CQUniversity Australia. There is an LTS intranet available to staff which provides a range of resources relating to learning and teaching.