Be Great

In addition to providing accessible, high-quality information, knowledge, skills and outcomes for our students, CQUniversity Australia plays an active role in the development of the economic, social and cultural elements of surrounding communities. This includes driving local growth and prosperity within our regions through innovation and reinvigoration, as well as spearheading projects and contributing to world-class research. Read more about our reputation.

Many people contribute to what we do, helping define our character, role in the community and the expectation of CQUniversity within a region. As an employer, CQUniversity ensures all staff have the necessary skills and knowledge to meet these needs and progress their careers through a wide range of ongoing professional development opportunities, including:

  • Outside Studies Program (OSPRO)
  • Academic Promotions
  • Professional Development Programs
  • Professional Networks
  • Secondments/ Exchanges
  • Staff Study Assistance

The diversity and vibrancy of the communities we serve is what helps us be great. Read more about our communities in our Strong to Great Through Engagement brochure.

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