Publication Scheme

CQUniversity’s publication scheme describes and categorises information routinely available from the University.

CQUniversity has developed to give the public greater access to information. Information is grouped and accessible through the following seven classes:

About Us

Our Services

CQUniversity provides education and research across wide range of fields.

CQUniversity offers courses from Certificate I through to Doctoral studies as well as a range of short courses. Details of CQUniversity courses are available from our Courses page and further details are also provided within the CQUni Handbook.

Details of CQUniversity’s research projects and strengths are available from our Research page.

Our Finances

Our Priorities

Information regarding CQUniversity’s strategy and performance and plans

Our Decisions

CQUniversity operates within a corporate governance framework with the emphasis of ethics, openness and public accountability, guiding management of information and resources.

Our Policies

CQUniversity’s written policies and procedures for delivering our functions:

Our Lists

CQUniversity hold a number of registers, some which are kept by law while others relate to general business. Although privacy and confidentiality issues prevent some registers/information being disclosed.

If you have any queries or complaints regarding the information available on CQUniversity's Publication Scheme, please address them in writing or via e-mail to:

Privacy and Right to Information Officer
Governance Directorate
CQUniversity Australia
Rockhampton QLD 4701