Council Membership

The University Council must, in all matters, endeavour to advance the interests and aspirations of CQUniversity.

Council has 15 members, is chaired by the Chancellor and advised by its standing committees.

Council meetings are held on a bi-monthly basis.

Official Members

Chair - Chancellor

(7 March 2016 to 6 March 2023)

Mr John Abbott AM, BEng(Mech) QIT, LLB QUT, CPEng, RPEQ, FIEAust, MAICD

Vice-Chancellor and President

(4 February 2019 to 2 February 2024)

Professor Nick Klomp, BAppSc(Biol) Curtin, BSc(Hons) Murdoch, PhD Glasgow, AdvMgtProg Harvard

President of Academic Board

(11 April 2018 to 10 April 2024)

Associate Professor Celeste Lawson, BA(Journ) USQ, GradCertTertEd CQU, GradDipProfComm(AppComm) USQ, MProfComm USQ, PhD CQU, MPRIA

Appointed Members

Members appointed by the Governor-in-Council (27 May 2018 to 26 May 2022)

Emeritus Professor Robert Castle, MEc Sydney, DLett(hon causa) UOW, Fellow UOWD

Mr Peter Corones AM, Companion CQU

Dr Rochelle Macdonald, BSc(Hons) Tas, MEngMgt UTS, ProgLeadDev Harvard, PhD Curtin, GAICD

Mr Ian McPhee AO PSM, BBus(Acct) CIAE, BA(CompSt) Canberra, HonDUni CQU, FCPA, FCAANZ, FIPAA, GAICD

Dr Robyn Minchinton, CertGovPrac GIA, BAppSc(MLS) RMIT, GradDipScsComm CQU, PhD London
(Deputy Chancellor 25 September 2014 to 26 May 2022)

Additional Members

Additional members appointed by Council (up to 4 years)

Ms Patrice Brown, CertSugarTech TAFE, CertMaritimeEnvMgt Lloyds, DipBus AICD, BAppSc(Chem) CQU, MEng(Civil) UNSW, MEIANZ (1 May 2016 to 26 June 2022)

Mr Joel Buchholz, BEd(Sec)(Hons) CQU, GradCertCS PNUE, FRSA, MACEL, MACE (10 November 2016 to 9 November 2022)

Ms Shelia Houston, BGenBus Wichita, GAICD (27 June 2018 to 26 June 2022)

Mr Mark Peters, BA Macq, LLB Sydney, MSc Oxf, FAICD, CMgr FIML, CAHRI (13 May 2014 to 12 May 2024)

Elected Members

One elected member of the academic staff (4 years) (1 February 2018 to 31 January 2022)

Dr Gerard Ilott, BBus(IS) UCQ, MBIT USQ, PhD CQU, FCPA, CA, MACS

One elected member of the professional staff (4 years) (5 January 2017 to 5 January 2025)

Mr Bruce Young, BAppSc(Math&Comp) UCQ, APESMA, ITPA

One elected member of the student body (2 years) (1 February 2021 to 31 January 2023)

Ms Gabrielle Rooney

Council Administration

University Secretary

Ms Joanne Perry, AssDipBus(HospMgt) CQTAFE, MTertEdMgt Melb
Deputy Vice-President (Students) and University Secretary
Phone: 07 4923 2856

Council Secretary

Ms Kylie White, CertGovPrac CSA, BMmSt CQU, GradCertQA, MTertEd(Mgt) Melb
Director Governance
Phone: 07 4923 2551

Council agreed at its 10 September 2004 meeting that the maximum period for a member's service on the Council will normally be 12 years.

Further details can be found on our Member Details page.