CQUniversity Council

CQUniversity is governed by its Council, which is established by the Central Queensland University Act 1998 (Qld).

The Council is the University’s governing body. The Council’s functions, powers and membership are prescribed in the Central Queensland University Act 1998. Council members are duty-bound to act honestly and with integrity; exercise due care, skill and diligence in their duties; make appropriately informed decisions; and to act always in CQUniversity’s interests. The Council Charter governs Council operations and requires members to comply with CQUniversity’s employee Code of Conduct.

The Council's principal responsibilities under the Act are:

  • to appoint the University's staff; in particular the Vice-Chancellor and President as the chief executive officer of the University and to monitor their performance
  • to manage and control the University's affairs and property, principally by approving the strategic direction of the University, and
  • to manage and control the University's finances, by approving the annual budget and operational plans.

Council Members

Members' Duties and Meeting Procedures

The Council Charter (available from our Policy Site) sets out the responsibilities and duties of Council members and the meeting procedures for Council meetings.

Council Committees

Council is supported by the following committees.  Terms of Reference for these committees are available from our Policy Site.

  • Academic Board
  • Audit, Risk and Finance Committee
  • Ceremonial and Honorary Awards Committee
  • Chancellor's Committee
  • Strategic Planning and Projects Committee

CQUniversity Chancellors