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CQUniversity was established as a university under the terms of the Central Queensland University Act 1998. Under that act, the CQUniversity Council is the University's governing body. It's main functions are:

  • To appoint the University's staff; in particular the Vice-Chancellor and President as the chief executive officer of the University and to monitor his or her performance;
  • To manage and control the university's affairs and property; principally by approving the strategic direction of the University; and
  • To manage and control the university's finances, by approving the Annual Budget and Operational plans.

Professor Scott Bowman is the current Vice-Chancellor and President of CQUniversity and works in close collaboration with the University Council, of which he is a member, and also with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders to provide overall leadership and directions for the University. As the University's Chief Executive Officer, Scott is responsible to the Council for overall direction of the University and is supported by a team of Management located at Rockhampton, Queensland.