Procurement Advice Team

Procurement Advice is the function that enables CQU to control costs, drive service excellence and mitigate risks; to achieve increased value from the budgets through the partnership with stakeholders and consistent clear protocols.

The main objective is to move the buying process from an isolated and transitory transaction to a sustainable and participative planned process.

The main objectives are:

  • decentralise procurement
  • establish solid relationship with the stakeholders
  • implement clear protocols
  • consistently share decisions and responsibilities
  • ensure quality and financial/legal safety
  • promote lasting relationships for all involved with the process.

The objectives are achieved through a competent and consistent application of efficient techniques and best practices.

The Procurement Advice Team (PAT) supports CQUniversity and the community by providing professional advice and services in relation to all Procurement matters.

PAT is responsible for ensuring that policies and procedures are current, available and compliant with governance frameworks and regulations.

PAT responsibilities include, but are not restricted to:

  • endorse procurement transactions from the commercial and strategic perspectives, ensuring compliance to University legislation, regulations, policies, procedures, strategic and operational goals, with clear management, monitoring and reporting requirements
  • formulate and assist in executing the procurement processes; as well establishing criteria, key success, key performance indicators and reporting activities
  • elaborate Procurement Policies and Procedures and provide advice and assistance in relation to best practices
  • assist and provide advice in the preparation of various Procurement Plans and Strategies (Corporate and Significant)
  • assist in elaborating and compiling procurement related documents and provide advice regarding appropriate procurement methodology, process and documentation
  • define the contract framework, contracts templates and procurement artifacts
  • support Faculties/Divisions on contract negotiations or disputes
  • ensure that University staff have proper access to procurement training and development activities
  • impart a commitment to continuous improvement, as demonstrated for example by innovative practices and the regular measurement and review of procurement
  • review the effectiveness of decisions and performance and encourage continuous improvement of procurement processes
  • implement and manage a central contract depository and artifacts generated by the procurement activities
  • support on the enforcement of policies and procedures.

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