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... When Leadership Matters!

Leadership-matters-imageCQUniversity Leadership Series presented guest speaker Peter Baines 

The inaugural CQUniversity Leadership Series program took in Bundaberg, Gladstone, Rockhampton and Mackay on 12 & 13 April 2011, and proved a hit with University staff and  local business and community members. Overall there were 231 attendees who came along to be inspired and to see how through true leadership, each of us are capable of achieving great things.

If you would like to see more of Peter's key messages, here are some short video clips

Results not Excuses


Motivating Teams

Leadership Matters

Leadership Without Authority (part1)

Clarity of Purpose (part1)

Clarity of Purpose (part2)

Clarity of Purpose (part3)

Hope is not a plan


In times of crisis, leaders are defined both by their actions and by their ability to make decisions without deliberation - to act with confidence but without recklessness. One of the most positive things about working in disasters is that True Leaders are quickly identified. Without the constraints of an organisation chart or an imposed management structure, authentic leaders will rise.

The unforgettable messages that Peter shares with his audience via a unique storytelling ability come from working in times of real crisis. His leadership theories have been tested at the coal face. In the face of terrorism or leading international humanitarian responses, Peter knows what is required to operate at the pointy end of the ship.

Attendees shared Peter's journey, and learnt:

  • How to be a leader with no positional authority. True leaders are identified by their actions and reactions;
  • When your resolve is tested you need to understand why you do what you do. Understand your clarity of purpose;
  • The importance of Values-Based Leadership;
  • How to lead with power and compassion; and
  • Hope is not a plan and there is only so much contingency planning you can do - it then comes down to the strength of leadership.






What attendees are saying...

What did you like most about the event?

"Extremely interesting, moving and thought provoking."

"That it spoke about management in an alternative manner. It was very interesting."

"Peter Baines has a wealth of experience both in Australia and overseas.  He shared his stories which inspired and motivated the audience. He gained compassion and understanding from those present without even trying.  Well worth attending."

"It was one of the most inspiring events I have attended in a long time and interesting to see how Peter's natural leadership skills has taken him on such a journey."

"Very inspiring, a joy to listen to and very thought provoking."

"That Peter was able to demonstrate leadership skills by using real life examples in an area that I wouldn't have ordinarily thought about in terms of leadership. This made the session really relevant and just highlighted that leadership skills are so transferable."

"Good speaker. If similar calibre of speakers can be guaranteed, then I will bring others with me next time." 

"Well presented by using real life experiences to exemplify aspects of the topic which removed it from the usual 'training' approach. Not just leadership 101!"

"The concept is great and inviting the community is excellent as part of that inclusion approach of CQU."

"I really enjoyed Peter's presentation in the way that he still got across lessons about leadership skills but told in a really inspirational story."

"Peter was speaking from his personal experience which gave authenticity.  Much was gained from this approach."

"An external speaker with a lot of "street cred" in his particular area of leadership."

"The opportunity to hear about leadership in action - hearing that leadership matters and it is individuals that create leaders not committees."

"Several things, the motivational aspect of the man himself and the different styles of leadership that were displayed and the diverse forms they can present themselves in."

"That is was about inspiring leadership and using crisis management as the hook. This meant that the speaker was effective in providing useful info all attendees regardless of background."

"Peter was very engaging. I like how Peter related all leadership strategies to his life experiences."

"The quality of the speaker. I loved the fact that Peter spoke from personal experience and I loved his compassion, his passion and his respect for human dignity."

"It was apparent that the new and different approach to the way in which this topic was presented held interest a lot more compared to more 'conventional' approaches. The topic wasn't so much the story but rather imbedded in the story." 

"On balance I think the "inspirational" approach is excellent, as after all, people "without authority" are much more likely to be Inspired into practicing leadership than if they were instructed in leadership elements. I felt that way anyway."

"I think interesting life experiences of the guest speaker add flavour and diversity."

"I personally thoroughly enjoyed it and left believing I could make a difference too."

"I look forward to the next one....."





















Snap shots from the Rockhampton and Bundaberg presentations: