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The Executive Leadership Program

Executive-leadership-imageThe Executive Leadership Program will provide opportunities for CQUniversity's Vice-Chancellor & President, Deputy Vice-Chancellors and Pro Vice-Chancellors to development senior executive leadership skills.

Executive Coaches will challenge your current way of thinking by taking a 'feet to the fire' approach, pushing you to question and try different approaches. They will help you embed your learning and ensure sustainable behavioural change. You will be matched to a Coach based on your individual requirements. Where appropriate, your Manager will meet with you and your Coach to complete a triangular meeting. This meeting is designed to ensure you have complete clarity of the Strategic Initiatives and KPI's required for the program.


Outlines the roadmap for development; focused on outcomes and results, not on activity. Participants will be encouraged to identify what success looks like for them and what they need to focus on to close the gap between current and desired performance.


Uses current performance diagnostics as a basis for personal reflection. Participants are encouraged to reflect on how their current performance measures up against the needs of the organisation. This process fosters stronger levels of personal awareness and benchmarks current leadership style and behaviour.


Participants identify the specific actions that will enable them to achieve their goals, and to understand the consequences of not achieving these. Coaching will concentrate on building confidence to achieve goals and in overcoming inhibitors to success.


The final phase looks to the personal level of action each participant will make to achieve their goals. Participants will be encouraged to develop a support network to sustain them as they work towards their success and to build communication and feedback loops to monitor their progress.