2011 Professional Support Staff Conference

The Big Picture - how we contribute to making CQUniversity great

CQUniversity is proud to present the inaugural Professional Staff Conference for CQUniversity professional support staff from HEW Level 3 to HEW Level 6.

Thursday, 19 May 2011, CQUniversity Rockhampton, Drama Studio, Building 4

Hear from inspirational guest speakers, get some tips on going one step further to getting greater job satisfaction, and gain a feel-good attitude and approach to the way you do things not only in your work but your everyday life.

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Conference Presentations and Workbook:

Professionalism, Communication, Image and Networking and their value in the workplace - Twigg Wolfenden

Work/life balance and its value in the workplace - Dr Brendan Humphries

Creating and reaching your goals - Associate Professor Peter Reaburn

My career journey at CQUniversity - What I've learnt along the way - Jenny Roberts

Quiz - How well do you know your university?

Conference Workbook

"Professional staff at all levels and areas throughout CQUniversity are leaders in their own right with insight and perspective on the University that I find invaluable. I want for you to develop professionally and for the organisation to learn from your experience. This sort of event opens us up to each other and helps place us on a course to achieve our target of? great' by 2020.' Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Scott Bowman.

Proudly sponsored by the Vice-Chancellor and President's Division