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Self Awareness and Individual Effectiveness

What are the biggest challenges that keep people from achieving their full potential?

'The biggest challenge is FEAR—False Evidence Appearing Real. Too often we contaminate our current moment or distort our reality from past failures, criticisms, regrets, resentments, and remorse. Other than gravity and mortality, our limitations are pretty much self-imposed.' (

False Evidence Appearing Real is all about considering our potential from within a bubble. If we don’t gain feedback from outside ourselves (our bubble) in terms of how our performance and behaviour is perceived by others, we cannot identify our path to full potential.

The CQUniversity 360 degree Feedback Program and the CQUniversity Extended DISC Self Awareness Program are designed to provide relevant feedback and help you to become increasingly self aware and develop an Action Plan to take you forward.

Both programs can also be done to increase team awareness and assist in developing team strategies.

Click on the links below for more information about each of these programs, and contact the Professional Development and Training team for more information.


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