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Leading to Greatness

Welcome to a major initiative for CQUniversity's staff, which is aligned with the Renewal Plan, the Leading to Greatness staff development program. 

Holding-Plant-imageLeading to Greatness is a comprehensive, leadership development program for all CQUniversity staff, with a strong focus on Supervisors, Managers and Leaders -- both Academic and Professional -- which will increase awareness of our obligations to each other, develop a common understanding of the University's expectations and enhance our overall leadership and management capabilities.

The program is being rolled out in a variety of forms throughout 2011 onwards. The purpose of the different stages of the program is to provide you as a CQUniversity staff member, with an opportunity to build your leadership knowledge and capability over time.

This format also provides you with a long term pathway to guide your development whilst you are progressing through your career at CQUniversity.

The various stages of the program are:



Opportunities for all staff to participate


CQUniversity Champions; Supervisors; Team Leaders  


Middle Management


Directors; Deans; Upper Level Managers 


VC, DVC's, PVC's

Every staff member will have the opportunity to participate in a stage or stages of the Leading to Greatness Program.

As you know, one of CQUniversity's organisational values is Leadership. Involvement in these programs is your opportunity to contribute to CQUniversity being a values-led organisation.

"We need to invest our energy, not just our money, in developing a culture of leadership throughout the organisation - we need to start a dialogue and apply what we learn back into the workplace. I want to have 2000 staff leaders at CQUniversity and if we are to meet our 10-year target of becoming one of Australia's ‘great' universities, we need to be building leaders for the future." - Professor Bowman.

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