Employee Rights & Responsibilities

CQUniversity's Code of Conduct

All staff have a responsibility to ensure that their actions do not negatively affect another staff and/or a student's career, health or well-being and are consistent with the University Code of Conduct. A staff member found to have bullied, unlawfully discriminated or sexually harassed another staff member or student or to have condoned such behaviour will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the provisions of the current Enterprise Agreement.

Leading to Zero Tolerance

Bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination will NOT be tolerated at CQUniversity by anyone, any time, any place.

If it happens to you, report it!

If you are doing it, STOP!

Think about it, change your mindset, change your behaviour.

The Leading to Zero Tolerance Program is aimed at ensuring that every staff member leaves work at the end of the day in the same emotional state, if not better, as they arrived. Current CQUniversity employees should search for further information on StaffNet.

Grievance Resolution

The People and Culture Directorate provide:

  • Advice on legislation and University policies and procedures relating to grievances and harassment; and
  • Facilitation of processes to overcome unfair/unfavourable treatment.

For further information about procedures for staff complaints of workplace bullying and discrimination refer to the current Central Queensland University Enterprise Agreement.