Job Analysis and Evaluation

The People and Culture Directorate has responsibility for administering job evaluation at CQUniversity. This includes:

  • Maintaining responsibility for CQUniversity's Job Evaluation system, ensuring all policy requirements are met and that the process is fair and equitable.
  • Supporting the process of job analysis ensuring position holders, positions supervisors and Executive Deans/Head of Divisions have access to people trained in job analysis.
  • Advising on the structural and strategic fit of a job ensuring that there is a strategic congruence of jobs across the University and that any role overlap is identified and where deemed unnecessary eliminated.

Why are jobs evaluated?

Jobs are evaluated to establish internal relativities and to determine appropriate classification levels.

How are jobs evaluated?

Jobs are evaluated using a number of job evaluation tools including:

  • Alignment with CQUniversity classification descriptors
  • Alignment with Typical Activities and Organisational Responsibilities documents
  • Relative comparisons with other CQUniversity positions
  • Job evaluation points factor methodology

The points factor methodology takes into consideration a number of common aspects that relate to all jobs including:

  • Know-How is the sum total of all knowledge and skills, however, acquired, which are needed for satisfactory job performance. These knowledge, skills and experiences are required to fully meet the responsibilities of the position.
  • Problem-solving is the amount of original, self-starting thinking required by the job for analysing, evaluating, creating, reasoning, and arriving at conclusions. To the extent that thinking is constrained by standards, covered by precedents, existing policies and procedures, or referred to others, Problem Solving is diminished.
  • Accountability is the answerability for actions and for the consequences of those actions. It is the scope given to the position holder to direct resources of all kinds and to influence or determine the course of events.

Position Descriptions

A position description is a document that provides detail about a job. A position description should clearly describe the purpose of the position, the key accountabilities and the level of knowledge and skills required to perform in the position. A position description is the source document for job evaluation.

Related documents/templates/policy

Documents are available for University staff members from the Intranet Portal.